‘Shinya Shokudō’ Gets a Korean Remake


SBS has recently confirmed that it’ll be airing the remake to a popular Japanese drama Shinya Shokudō. The drama centers around a small restaurant that only opens after midnight and attracts an eclectic group of patrons.

Shinya Shokudō is quite popular considering it’s spawned three seasons since it first premiered in 2009. The third season only started in October of 2014. It also starred Kobayashi Kaoru, Sudo Risa, and Odagiri Joe. It sounds like a quirky, slice of life drama, and with Hwang In Roe, the man behind Goong and Playful Kiss, reportedly the director of this new show, it sounds like it could be in good hands. Colorful palette and whimsical touches… as long as the writer doesn’t mess up the execution.

SBS plans to launch its own remake sometime in May or June on Sundays. There’s not much details left on it, so, of course, this could easily change.

source: isplus


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