Yoo Chun for ‘A Girl Who Sees Smells’?


Okay, first off – weird title much? Not that it should be much of a surprise since K-drama titles can be a bit odd, but it’s possible a quirky title could indicate a quirky comedy? Park Yoo Chun and Suzy are reportedly in the running for the lead roles in this SBS drama, which is slated to follow Hyde, Jekyll, and I in April.

The drama is based on a webtoon, which seems to be the new “it” source material for dramas these days. Girl Who Sees Smells is about an apathetic man who lost his sister three years ago to a serial killer of the “Barcode Murders,” and a warm-hearted woman with extrasensory powers who miraculously survived instead of becoming another victim in the same murder case. She also happened to lose all her memories from her past life because of that case.

Of course, both Park Yoo Chun and Suzy are not confirming anything at the moment, especially since the script has yet to be finalized. But it will be written by Lee Hee Myung, who did Rooftop Prince. If Yoochun takes on this drama, he’ll at least be reunited with a familiar writer! The drama will be directed by Baek Soo Chan, who did Dream and Pure Pumpkin Flower. 

Yoo Chun had a bit of success in 2014 with Bong Joon Ho’s film “Sea Fog,” which was selected by Korea as its entry to the 87th Academy Awards for ‘Best Foreign Language Film.’ Can’t say the same for his drama, Three Days, which bored me to death. As for Suzy, this would be her first drama since 2013’s Gu Family Book. It could be a big year for her as she has a film coming out later this year, “Dorihwaga” (a.k.a “The Hymn”), and starring in a drama could boost the publicity too. Considering that it’s still January the actors still have time to think it over, and the producers still have time to offer the roles to other people.

source: osen



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