Jo Yeo Jung may be a Divorce Lawyer in Love


Jo Yeo Jung is in talks to star in a new SBS drama in March 2015 called Divorce Lawyers in Love. She’s favorably looking towards taking the role, and if she does it’ll be her first drama in three years since 2012’s Haeundae Lovers.

Jo is up for the role of Go Cheok Hui, a lawyer who’s a bit crazy in doing whatever it takes to win her cases. It sounds like it’s a comedy, as her ruthless manner is sure to get her in trouble… with love. The actress has been in a recent spate of films, including the recent melodrama war film “Obsessed” with Song Seung Hoon and the action film “The Target.” She will also star in a romantic comedy “Working Girl” (a.k.a. “Casa Amor: Exclusive for Ladies” if you go by the English title) as a toy inventor who ends up starting an adult toy business that will be released on January 8, 2015.

It would be fun to see Jo Yeo Jung in a new drama, though I’m not sure how I feel about lawyer dramas in general. I’m a bit burned by Pride and Prejudice right now. In any case, she’s really good at roles that require her to be a spitfire and a funny woman, and I enjoyed her turns in both Haeundae Lovers and I Need Romance. It would be fun to see her order her subordinates around considering she’s a tiny woman.

The drama was actually the winner of SBS’ scriptwriting contest, and will be directed by Park Yong Soon (Welcome Rain to My Life). Divorce Lawyers in Love is set to air after The Family is Coming, which airs this weekend following the end of Modern Farmer.

source: star news


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