No ‘Doctor Frankenstein’ for Kim Soo Hyun


Sadly, Kim Soo Hyun will not step in as Doctor Frankenstein in the upcoming drama that follows a man with multiple personalities. After over a month of rumors and considerations, Kim’s entertainment agency, Key East, confirmed that he will not take on the drama.

Not much has been revealed about the drama except for the fact that it’s produced by the same company that did The Night Watchman’s Journal and the writer who did Sungkyunkwan Scandal (Kim Tae Hee). The synopsis is merely about a man with multiple personalities whose cold-hearted personalities change once he meets the love of his life. While it would have been interesting to see Kim Soo Hyun as a man with several personalities, I’m okay now to see who else would come up in the running.

It’s becoming a tight race among leading men to capture our attentions as a multiple-personality-afflicted hero. Jo In Sung captured it first quite successfully, and I wonder if his drama It’s Okay That’s Love really helped set off a firestorm for this kind of drama. Now we have Hyun Bin, Ji Sung, and Chun Jung Myung confirmed respectively for Jekyll and I, Kill Me, Heal Me, and Heart to Heart. Personally out of those three dramas, I might watch Hyun Bin’s because I am more interested in him being paired up with Han Ji Min (Rooftop Prince, Padam Padam). I don’t find the pairings of Ji Sung with Hwang Jung Eum in Kill Me or Chun Jung Myung with Choi Kang Hee in Heart to Heart particularly compelling. I like to watch strong balanced leads onscreen, though each actor can improve and surprise you in each drama depending on their leading man/lady.

If Kim Soo Hyun had taken on this role, it would have been a great acting challenge. I hoped he would be up for it, but it seems he’s passed on it for now. We could speculate on why: Was the script not as good as he had hoped? Was he just not up for the task? I asked the same question when I heard that Mr. Baek was courting a variety of actors including Kim Nam Gil, Lee Min Ho, and Kim Woo Bin, and asked whether any of those actors were really up for this age-changing role. The drama ended up with Shin Ha Kyun, who may not be the most attractive young hot actor out there but is actually best for the role. It is a true challenge for most productions to find a really good actor who happens to be good looking or super popular just to get that initial buzz going.

I hope this drama does not air in January, though it would surely be too late for it now since no one has been cast. There would just be too many mental dramas going on.

source: isplus



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