The Vampire Doctor Is In… with ‘Blood’


Ever since Vampire Prosecutor graced our televisions and computers three years ago, it was only a matter of time before we get more vampires doing different occupations. I mean, the series is great but when you hear the title, you naturally go, “Oh, so will there be a Vampire Doctor, or a Vampire Plumber, or a Vampire Accountant coming our way?” Or was that only me? In any case, we are getting a vampire doctor, but the drama will be called Blood. We’ll have a younger protagonist in the form of Ahn Jae Hyun (You’re All Surrounded, My Love From Another Star), a female lead in the form of Gu Hye Sun (Angel Eyes), and an antagonist in the form of Ji Jin Hee (The Great Seer).

Ahn Jae Hyun takes on the role as Park Ji Sang, a chief specializing in cancer surgery who happens to also be a vampire. Talk about a real conflict of interest: you really want the blood from the patient on your operating table, but you got to save that person’s life. Gu Hye Sun plays Rita Yoo / Yoo Ri Ta, a medical specialist, and Ji Jin Hee plays hospital director Lee Jae Wook. Though Ji Sang is a vampire he is still a good person at heart, which is different from Jae Wook’s character, who is charismatic and yet more dangerous than a vampire. As for Rita, she is also the successor to take over the hospital as the niece of the hospital’s president.

The drama will be written by Park Jae Bum and directed by Ki Min Soo, the same team that did Good Doctor. Park has also written all four seasons of OCN’s God’s Quiz, which follows elite medical examiners. Clearly there’s a theme in his work. It will air in February on KBS after Healer. Considering how it’s on KBS rather than OCN, I am curious to see how dark the drama will get, and whether it will put more emphasis on Ji Sang as an “outcast” or make his vampirism more inherent to the story.

Meanwhile, I will also await for Vampire Accountant, where his lust for blood is only superseded by his greed for money.

source: tvreport, sports donga


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