Kim Nam Gil, Kim Myung Min to star in ‘Pandora’


Disaster blockbuster flick is coming our way! Director Park Jung Woo of ‘Deranged’ will begin filming a new disaster flick that boasts a star-studded cast: Kim Nam Gil, Kim Myung Min, Jung Jin Young, Na Moon Hee, Moon Jung Hee, and Kim Dae Myung (Misaeng). Kim Myung Min plays the President of Korea (woo!) who declares a state of emergency as a disaster is about to strike, and Kim Nam Gil plays Jae Hyuk, a man who struggles to save his family while trying to prevent a disaster from coming.

This film, which is set to begin filming in early 2015, reunites the director with two of his ‘Deranged’ cast members, Kim Myung Min and Moon Jung Hee (who’s been in A Thousand Days’ Promise, Mama, Oh My Lady). Kim Myung Min apparently signed on without even seeing the script because he wanted to work with Park Jung Woo again, while Kim Nam Gil was drawn to the film because of the emotional message in the script. ‘Pandora’ focuses more on the people who work to prevent the disaster rather than the disaster itself, which isn’t specified if it’s man-made, natural, or alien-made.

It’s a really solid cast, even though disaster flicks can be pretty predictable in ways. Considering how the film is not trying to be just like “every other disaster film,” it’s possible that it will take full advantage of the cast it has and show off their acting ranges rather than have them master the look of fear. I mean, you have Kim Myung Min as president! I’m surprised he hasn’t taken on that role yet since he does cut a formidable presence that you would trust and believe to lead you to peace and prosperity.

‘Pandora’ will likely be released in the latter half of 2015.

source: osen



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