Park Shin Hye Crowned ‘New Queen of Hallyu’


In case this wasn’t obvious beforePark Shin Hye (Pinocchio) has recently been crowned the ‘New Queen of Hallyu’ as she is the first South Korean actress to have surpassed 700 million followers on the Chinese social media site Weibo. In addition, her shows – especially Pinocchio – have been huge hits internationally, with record number of views for Pinocchio on Youku, a Chinese video streaming site not unlike Youtube.

This is really not even big news to me, though I am quite surprised she has only been named a ‘Queen of Hallyu’ by 10Asia now. Or if we’re being really jaded here, she could have been named as such by her agency SALT Entertainment, who could have sent out a press release about Park’s recent success. While I may not like her very much as an actress – or as a person – I cannot deny the amount of star power she has. Each drama she’s worked on has been a hit after hit, whether or not the actual drama and storyline is any good. It’s similar to the Lee Min Ho effect, where I think his dramas aren’t necessarily great but because he’s in it, the drama becomes great. I must add that these ‘effects’ work consistently outside of Korea. Heartstrings for example was not a ratings hit in Korea, but somehow managed to capture a huge following overseas.

It is also no surprise that in China, the ‘new kings of Hallyu‘ have taken the country by storm. Because of Heirs and My Love From Another StarLee Min Ho, Kim Woo Bin, and Kim Soo Hyun are seen everywhere on billboards and advertisements. In fact, to be more specific I saw more posters for Kim Woo Bin and Kim Soo Hyun than for Lee Min Ho; apparently the two Kim’s are waaaayyyy more popular than Lee, which is comforting since I don’t like Lee Min Ho as an actor very much. Similarly, Jeon Ji Hyun is seen everywhere in China and in Korea, sponsoring everything from potato chips to water.

It’s a little insane to see how much love is lavished upon these actors, most of whom are still fairly young and somewhat untested. There’s no denying that they’re potentially good actors, but they have to tackle on many more roles before they can certifiably be considered really good actors. If anything, I have the most hopes for Kim Woo Bin to succeed as a serious actor. I suspect that Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye will coast on their good looks and their typecast roles in dramas for a little longer.

source: 10asia



4 thoughts on “Park Shin Hye Crowned ‘New Queen of Hallyu’

  1. is she really a new Hallyu Queen based on her weibo number alone? as i know she is one of the rare korean actresses who have Weibo.

  2. Personally – I think it’s a PR/marketing ploy, because that’s exactly how the article made it sound like… which doesn’t necessarily make her a queen of Hallyu.

    But she is ridiculously popular as well, which makes it not too unlikely to see her as a new Hallyu Queen.

  3. I think you should watch all her dramas before you judge and she has also been in the industry for 13 years now, so I think she has worked extremely hard to get where she is today. Her acting ability is pretty damn good and she is a wonderful human being too,

  4. I have think the same way as you, espessially about Park Shin Hye. I always think her acting is not that great. But, suddenly I found her old drama Tree of Heaven (2006) which make me change my mind about her. Her acting in that series is so damn good. I think, it’s her best acting.

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