Ping Pong: Anime Review


Okay, clearly I’m on a bit of an anime streak right now. Ping Pong is a really unique anime in that I’ve never seen anything like it; then again, I haven’t seen a lot. It’s a special one in that I don’t think it would suit everyone, but it’s got a good heart and I really appreciate that.

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Jo Yeo Jung may be a Divorce Lawyer in Love


Jo Yeo Jung is in talks to star in a new SBS drama in March 2015 called Divorce Lawyers in Love. She’s favorably looking towards taking the role, and if she does it’ll be her first drama in three years since 2012’s Haeundae Lovers.

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A Personal Update – 12/20/2014


The countdown to the new year begins! Or, Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/every other possible holiday should come first I guess, before January 1. Ever since December 1 it’s felt like Christmas for me so I kind of forget that it’s still happening on December 25.

In any case – one more personal update before we get back to original programming! I hope you’ve noticed that I’ve got a new site! I know I change it around a lot every year or so, but this should be it. I hope that this is the site layout that will support me and grow with me in the years to come. Hope you like it, and do let me know if something goes wonky for you on a certain platform via the contact page! Thanks, and happy holidays everyone!

Tomorrow’s Cantabile: A Light Review


Okay – I FINALLY caught up and finished the rest of the series. I definitely did enjoy this series, even though it’s nothing to call home about. What’s great are the little moments – and the perfectly gif-able expressions and reactions that occur. But once it really gets to the story, I think this drama fails. And miserably so by the last few episodes.

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Kim Myung Min to star in Bae Yong Joon-Produced Film?


Kim Myung Min is on a roll. Just days after it was announced he would be starring in “Pandora” with Kim Nam Gil, he’s now considering a role in another film that will be produced by Contents K, which is part of Bae Yong Joon‘s entertainment company Key East.

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Kim Nam Gil, Kim Myung Min to star in ‘Pandora’


Disaster blockbuster flick is coming our way! Director Park Jung Woo of ‘Deranged’ will begin filming a new disaster flick that boasts a star-studded cast: Kim Nam Gil, Kim Myung Min, Jung Jin Young, Na Moon Hee, Moon Jung Hee, and Kim Dae Myung (Misaeng). Kim Myung Min plays the President of Korea (woo!) who declares a state of emergency as a disaster is about to strike, and Kim Nam Gil plays Jae Hyuk, a man who struggles to save his family while trying to prevent a disaster from coming.

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