Lee Seung Gi vs. Hyun Bin on Multiple Personalities


So it is looking very likely – more and more so – that Lee Seung Gi (You’re All Surrounded) will return to the drama screen with Kill Me Heal Me early next year. Yay for seven personalities of Lee Seung Gi?!

The MBC drama is set to air in January with Jin Soo Wan (Moon that Embraces the Sun) writing it and Kim Jin Man (Scandal: A Shocking and Wrongful Incident, East of Eden) directing. Considering how well Moon did in ratings and in the awards shows, there’s much anticipation that Kill Me Heal Me will do quite well too. Chinese production company Huace Media is also investing in this drama, making it a joint Korean-Chinese production with a budget of about 15 billion Won.

I’m personally not too sure how well Lee Seung Gi can pull of seven personalities; it’s surely an acting challenge and one that I’ll be happily surprised to see him pull off. It’s already difficult to pull off two personalities, let alone seven, so the risks are so much higher if the actor can’t take on the role properly.

In any case, there is of course some concern that Kill Me Heal Me is going up against Jekyll and I, which stars Hyun Bin. Both are airing in January on Wednesdays/Thursdays, and deal with a rich man who has multiple personalities. Comparisons are nearly inevitable, especially when no one has seen anything of how the dramas will be like just yet. One could go for comedy, the other melodrama, or both follow the same genre.

In addition, there is also some concern that no one will be as excited for Jekyll and I because the public has already seen Hyun Bin in a similar role with Secret Garden, which was his last drama and his last impression on the public’s mind before going to the military. The public knows he can pull off two different personalities already – one as a man, and one as a woman – so it’s no wonder that the public may want to see him do something new. At the same time, Hyun Bin is a big star, so he could still draw a lot of viewers in with his star power.

SBS (which will air Jekyll and I) and MBC are making big bets with their stars in hoping to bring in the most viewers.

sources: edaily, tenasia




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