Highlights from Tomorrow’s Cantabile: Episodes 11-12


Okay I’m finally ALL CAUGHT UP with Tomorrow’s Cantabile. As much as I enjoyed my trip to Asia, jet lag is a major killer. Anyways, I really enjoyed these past two episodes because we’re seeing more development and growth with Nae Il. Things are not all fun and games, but we do see Yoo Jin coming around and becoming a better person slowly. He’s starting to trust others more rather than shunning everyone, and it makes him a better match to Nae Il now. I find that the fight for Nae Il’s heart is a bit more fair between Yoo Jin and Yoon Hoo now. In any case, it’s time for Nae Il’s debut! Yay!

My most favorite part in episode 11 is when Yoo Jin realizes how much his friends give him strength to overcome his nervousness when performing in front of his father. He apologizes to Min Hee for insulting her, thanks Soo Min for liking him, and tells Il Rak that he’s his best friend too. I think that was probably the most touching scene that I’ve seen so far because Yoo Jin finally vocalizes how he’s been feeling for the past episodes.









As for episode 12, my most favorite part is when Professor Do finally admits to his mistakes and is more willing to change his teaching style in order to help Nae Il grow as a performer. He realizes that his ways are not always the best, especially when he sees how much the S Orchestra members have grown without his guidance, and is more open to asking Professor Ahn and Yoo Jin for help. And when he finally concedes to practicing the ‘Flatulence/Fart Song’ with Nae Il, it was a moment of “YES!” for both his character’s growth and for my personal satisfaction.







Of course, any moment with Il Rak and Si Won cracked me up as well.




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