Kim Ja Ok Passes Away from Lung Cancer


Shocking news – Kim Ja Ok has passed away on the morning of November 16 from lung cancer. I have no words…

The actress had been battling lung cancer for several years and had undergone chemotherapy to stop the spreading of the cancer. However, she succumbed to the disease early this morning in St. Mary’s Hospital in Gangnam. Her funeral will be held on November 19.

Born in 1951, Kim Ja Ok debuted in the 1970s and gained a wider fan base after appearing in the 1990 comedy program “Lonely Princess.” Recently she starred in The Woman Who Married Three Times and the variety show Noonas Over Flowers. Kim Ja Ok has been a wonderful presence in so many dramas as the crazy loud mom (My Name is Kim Sam Soon) to the demure loving mother (Coffee Prince) and everything in between (High Kick 2, The World That They Live In). There is no doubt that you’ve probably seen her in a drama you’ve watched.

I’m so sad to hear that she passed away. She’s so young, at only 63, and to have lost her would mean losing a wonderful and formidable force in the Korean entertainment community. I can only extend my condolences to her family through here, and will definitely miss her presence. She is survived by her husband, singer Oh Seung Geun, and her brother, announcer Kim Tae Ok.

source: star news



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