Jo Jung Suk’s New Project – Another Film


Jo Jung Suk is seriously striking while the iron’s hot with a lot of movies back to back. He is reviewing a proposal to star in an upcoming film called ‘Journalist’ – just another film about the world of journalists.

‘Journalist’ focuses on the journalists covering a murder as they dig for the truth, and their competitive relationships with each other as they use their informants to get the biggest scoop. Lotte Entertainment, which is producing the film, hopes to release this film next year.

It’s not sure yet whether Jo Jung Suk would be able to participate in this film as he’s currently tied up with another film, ‘Time Renegade,’ co-starring Lee Jin Wook and Im Soo Jung. That film is also set for a 2015 release date and began filming in October. Since You Are the Best, Lee Soon Shin Jo has been participating in one film after another: ‘The Face Reader,’ ‘The Fatal Encounter,’ and ‘My Love My Bride.’ When is he going back to dramas!!?

sources: star news, osen



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