‘Jekyll and I’ casts Han Ji Min, parallels ‘Alice’


So Hyde, Jekyll, and I is going by the shorter title Jekyll and I, which is far less unwieldy. It has also cast Han Ji Min (Padam Padam, Rooftop Prince) opposite Hyun Bin as his leading lady. Interestingly, Han will play Jang Ha Na, a circus leader who tries to keep her troupe employed at Goo Seo Jin’s (Hyun Bin) theme park called Wonderland.

As Jang Ha Na, Han will fall in love with Goo Seo Jin’s wild and romantic side. One side is described as cold hearted and ruthless while the other is charming and romantic. She falls for both men and helps soften the meaner side to him. It’s interesting that the ‘Jekyll’ side is the colder, more withdrawn side and ‘Hyde’ is the kinder side. In the original Robert Louis Stevenson novel, Jekyll is the good side and Hyde is the evil side. It’s interesting that the colder, meaner side is Seo Jin’s “normal, human” side whereas him being romantic and sweet is considered the “abnormal” side.

Writer Kim Ji Woon is relatively new when it comes to writing scripts as the lead writer, and this drama would only be her second after Cheongdamdong Alice. I can already see parallels between these two dramas that she’s written for. Aside from the fact that the theme park in this drama is called ‘Wonderland’ (and Cheongdamdong Alice is a reference to ‘Alice in Wonderland’), Jekyll and I also features a male protagonist with different personalities. Park Shi Hoo’s character in Cheongdamdong Alice didn’t exactly have a split personality, but he did present two sides to Moon Geun Young by pretending to be a secretary with a different name, and then revealing himself to be the famous luxury designer. He also had a really goofy side to him that loved to live his life out like a melodramatic Korean drama, but then at the same time was a skilled businessman who was practical and straight to the point. It’s not unlike what Hyun Bin will be in this drama, except there’s actually split personality going on here.

Granted, she didn’t come up with this script originally; Jekyll and I is based off of a webtoon written by Lee Choong Ho. But she also didn’t have to be the writer for this drama. Perhaps her previous work on Cheongdamdong Alice helped make her the right fit for dramatizing the webtoon?

The drama is set to air in January 2015 on SBS.

source: sports seoul





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