7 Actresses Who Choose Bangs for 2014


It seems to be a trend to have bangs for Korean actresses nowadays as they change their look to fit a character they’re to portray. It’s funny because we can see the difference as they go from drama to drama, which could just mean a matter of months in between. And most of them start off the year with long wavy hair, which I personally think makes them all look alike, before opting for bangs or shorter hair. So yay for some diversity in hairstyles! Except, it doesn’t suit well on every girl…

So – yay or nay on these bangs?

Jang Na Ra


From Fated to Love You to Mr. Baek, Jang went from young and innocent to mature and professional. I personally think she rocks the bangs, and it kind of fits the character she’s to portray in Mr. Baek. Though she has a youthful face, I think I like her looking more mature as it suits her age.

Baek Jin Hee


We get to see the change in her within just months of each other! In Triangle she rocked the long waves that are a trademark of young actresses, and personally I don’t think it makes her stand out. Then in Pride and Prejudice she goes for a short bob with bangs. The bob is cute, but I don’t think it fits her very well. Next cut please!



Krystal was super cute in Heirs and she rocked the long hair. Then in My Lovable Girl she goes for straight hair with bangs. It did not suit her. It aged her and also made her look so different it felt weird. Thankfully she switched to pinning the bangs back on the show. Or as my mom says, “It’s better for those pimples she’s got on her forehead.”

Go Seung Hee


In Miss Korea, Go Seung Hee was the beautiful rival to Lee Yeon Hee and also had long wavy hair. Then in The Night Watchman’s Journal she turned to a spunky look by adding long bangs to her long hair, and then tying it up in a ponytail. It’s relatively modern considering the time period Night Watchman takes place in (although, who really knew what time period that fusion drama took place in?), and it does set her apart from her rival Seo Ye Ji. But overall that cut is kind of weird.

Chae Jung Ahn


Chae Jung Ahn looked like a smooth and polished secretary in Prime Minister and I with her long slick hair and sideswept bangs. She then goes for something chicer when she got full-on bangs in A New Leaf as Kim Myung Min’s rich fiancee. I’m kind of torn: the bangs are a new look for her and kind of shows her looking more mature. But at the same time I’m pretty partial to her hairstyle in Prime Minister, which is unfortunately too similar to her New Leaf co-star Park Min Young.

Gong Hyo Jin


Gong Hyo Jin looked pretty haggard in Master’s Sun – no thanks to those dark circles – and kept her long hair bottom-heavy, which looks like it wore her down even more. But then in It’s Okay That’s Love she rocks bangs and a longer layered look that gives her a more mature and stylish air. I love these bangs!

Shim Eun Kyung


Shim Eun Kyung is one of those girls who’s not afraid of a short hair cut and generally has bangs. But as a script reading photo shows, she didn’t have bangs before filming Tomorrow’s Cantabile. I think she’s really cute with short hair. I don’t think she looks very cute with her bangs. Then again, I think she is sometimes made to look messy on purpose.

Bonus: Park Ha Sun


This is a bit of a bonus because Park Ha Sun started off 2014 with a short bob and bangs that were quite unflattering (Three Days) and then transformed it into long flowy locks by the time she starred as a beleaguered wife in Temptation. The long locks were also a wig or extensions, as there’s no way she could have grown them out so fast. But the hair style that suits her is right in between the two, as seen during the press conference for Temptation.



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