Kim Hyun Joong’s New Album Cover

There are so many things wrong with this album cover, and only one thing right. (In my opinion, of course.)

Let’s start with the bad.

  • What is he, a gangster? Oh no, a gambler. Sorry.
  • The eyes – the cocky tilt of the head – trying to channel So Ji Sub huh?
  • The HAIR?!
  • The fact that he’s coming out with a new album that has an “American rock theme” and has songs like “Do You Like That,” “Lucky Guy,” and two ballads – “I Am Your Man” and “U.” What are ballads doing in this “American rock” album?! And if I guess ballads right, they’re going to be the soft crooning “I miss you” types. Not the “How could you leaaaaaaaaaaave meeeee!?” types. (Scream “leaaaaaaaaaaave meeeee” and you’ll know what I mean.)
The one “right”:
  • I give him props for not being a “pretty boy.”
source: asiae

6 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong’s New Album Cover

  1. *sad* The art director for this cover should be fired.

    There are other ways to channel dirty/gambling/out-of-luck hot bastard than looking like a retro-textured clown. 😥

    Yoo Ah In’s last photoshoot had the hobo look and the theme was dark and dirty but still made you go :rawr:

  2. Bwahahahha 😀 only So Ji Sub can oull of that face!

    Btw – he really doesn’t have a voice to make ”rock” songs. His voice is way too softy and weak to these songs… but that is just me. IMO.

  3. @to author of this: Do you have no eye or brain? omo, is this called a comparison? Are you too free to pick to pieces shortcomings in his concept?

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