Birdie Buddy: Episode 16

With this, I am officially caught up on Birdie Buddy recaps, and awaiting this coming week’s episode 17 and 18! Whew!

Sucks to balance K-dramas with The Good Wife, Amazing Race, How I Met Your Mother, Ringer, and Warehouse 13 on TV… Oh yeah, and real life. 😛

Mi Soo dashes over to Jung Woo’s apartment and calls him out. He finds her looking a bit down and nervous, and she keeps saying, “My father… my father…”

Finally she spills – “HE REMEMBERS!” And Jung Woo’s thrilled for her as well. Because of her father, she wants to do well in this upcoming open, since this is the first one her father will remember. Jung Woo cheers her on… and then remembers that her father might remember him as “Rag Hair,” and not remember all the good things he did for him while he was sick.

Mi Soo: “Huh. You barely did anything.”

Jung Woo pokes her in the side: “I didn’t do anything? I didn’t do anything?!” He starts poking her all over and grabs her head for a noogie… Until both freeze. They’re in quite a familiar position, and they immediately pull away from each other. HAHA so cute. And awkward.

Yong Shik meets with Mr. Kim and Jay Park’s assistant because the assistant wants Yong Shik to bet on the next match. Yong Shik’s not used to jumping in immediately into a scam, and he realizes that a lot of money is going to be at stake. He starts suspecting who just might be behind this whole scam…

He goes for a second meeting with Mr. Kim and confronts him head on – it’s Jay Park’s scam isn’t it? They’re all just pawns for Jay Park’s game aren’t they?

What will happen is all the bets on Min Hae Ryung will go through Yong Shik’s paper company, and they intend to make big money for Jay Park, thinking that Jay Park is going to bet on Hae Ryung. However, Jay Park is orchestrating it so that he will win even more money when he bets on Jessica.

Hae Ryung admits to Joon Mo that she wanted to rest after all the overseas tournaments, but when she saw that Jung Woo and Mi Soo were going to participate in the Chung Woo Bank Open, she wanted to join too. Joon Mo warns her to be careful and not make it so personal, but Hae Ryung doesn’t care – since when has her life ever careful?

After being turned away by Fabian, Mi Soo becomes worried about him, wondering what must be bothering him. Jung Woo can’t figure out the problem with Fabian either, but he presumes that one of his regrets is to not be greedy. Jung Woo had gotten greedy once by using the Fabian Shot so that he could make his ball turn 90 degrees and get it closer to the hole in one hit rather than two. However, that greed to win led to his wrist injury.

Day of the tournament! Joon Mo and Hae Ryung pass by Jung Woo and Mi Soo reviewing the golf courses. Hae Ryung always freezes in front of them, but then never says a word. If you’re going to be like that, why don’t you stop making everyone uncomfortable and just keep walking? At least your father won’t have to do the small talk for you!

Hae Ryung starts off, but she doesn’t get the distance as she used to. As for Mi Soo, she tees off and gets 70 yards over Hae Ryung. Then Jessica debuts with her first tee off and she does well enough. In the beginning it starts with Hae Ryung and Jessica tied for first, and Mi Soo second. However, the commentators also note that Hae Ryung’s wrist is injured (partly thanks to the wrist training exercises Jay Park has been putting her through).

The first round ends with Hae Ryung spraying on her sprained wrist and Mi Soo tied with Hae Ryung for first. Joon Mo tells her not to strain herself, knowing that Jay Park is using her. However Hae Ryung thinks Joon Mo is telling her to not be worried about Mi Soo and Jung Woo.

In the second round, Jessica catches up to Hae Ryung and Mi Soo with amazing speed, making Mi Soo a little more nervous. She hits her ball far, but it ends up in the pond. Everyone moves ahead, and Jung Woo suggests they take the penalty and hit again. However, Mi Soo wants to hit it out of the water – besides, the conditions are better than the mountain stream.

Everyone pauses to watch as she takes off her shoes and socks and steps into the water. No one has ever seen anyone try to hit a ball out of the water; even with Mi Soo’s idol Park Sae Ri, she had hit a ball when it was only half covered in water. Jay Park leans in interestedly towards his TV as the whole world watches what Mi Soo will do.

Mi Soo takes aim, and swings. The ball flies out of the water and just inches towards the hole. Everyone cheers for her at the miraculous shot, and her rivals can’t help but be impressed. Jay Park on the other hand stares at the TV with a grimace. This puts Jessica and Mi Soo tied for 1st and Hae Ryung at 3rd.

After the round is over, Jay Park invites Mi Soo and Jung Woo over for lunch. To get to the point, he will offer her 1 million dollars (far more than the Open’s winnings) if she loses the game. Ouch. Mi Soo looks at the money, and then she comments that Jay Park must be a powerful person to solve things with money. Because this is her first tournament, she will not give up a game for Jay Park no matter what.

So Jay Park tells her to beware – she must heed his words if she doesn’t want anything to happen to Fabian.

That worries Mi Soo immensely, but Jung Woo tells her to just concentrate on playing fair and square. Who knows – what if she doesn’t win naturally?

Though she mulls over Jay Park’s words (and thinks that he’s doing this because she’s become an interference for Hae Ryung), she gathers her courage and refuses to give up a game just for Hae Ryung. And with that, she plays even more confidently and better than before for the last round. As for Hae Ryung, the wrist is becoming more bothersome for her…

In one of her holes, Mi Soo miraculously hits a hole in one. Jay Park clenches his fist. Hehehe.

At the last hole, Mi Soo needs to make a birdie to win over Jessica; otherwise it’s overtime between her and Jessica. Suddenly Jay Park’s words come flooding back to her, and she pulls away from her stance. She looks into the gallery and sees her parents cheering her on. Mi Soo refocuses, and then takes aim. Jung Woo watches her intently, ignoring Hae Ryung as well.

And the ball goes in! Mi Soo rushes up to the gallery and hugs her mother tightly. She won in her pro debut!

Jay Park is incensed, but not so much about the money, but because it’s Fabian again who’s foiling his plans. He tells his assistant to leave Hae Ryung alone to rest. He will need to plot how to bring down Fabian – just possibly through Mi Soo.

At Mi Soo’s home, her mother feeds her lettuce-wrapped barbecued meat for her hard work and win. Tae Gab gets jealous, so Jung Woo feeds him! Aw – how cute. Mi Soo speaks up with a suggestion: how about they use her winnings and move to an apartment? It will be more comfortable for them all. Tae Gab chimes in in agreement, and Jung Woo mentions that Mi Soo is stubborn when she makes up her mind. Even mother wants to move. With that, Kyung Hwan smiles and agrees.

Joon Mo and Hae Ryung share a drink; though she didn’t win, she did as well she could without being 100%. He raises a wine glass to toast, but Hae Ryung can’t pick hers up. Her wrist has become too weak. Joon Mo wants her to go to the hospital, but she’s too stubborn and insists she’s fine. This injury will go away soon.

Mi Soo’s friends help her family move into an apartment, and she even gets a present from Jung Woo in the form of a new mattress. Everyone is excited for her and go “Ooooooooh (he likes you)!” Joong Ki has the grace to just smile wistfully.

At a meeting, Eun Joo’s editor chews her out for not writing enough words on an article about Mi Soo. She should go and dig in about her past and write a special piece. Suddenly her phone rings. It’s Jay Park!

And he wants to give her an exclusive interview – the one with juicy gossip.

Her other colleagues go and do a special piece on Hae Ryung, and she invites them to lunch at the cafeteria before they do the interview. She tells them the cafeteria’s soybean paste stew is the best – because her mother made it! And look – she’s working in the kitchen right now! The reporters jump at the opportunity and photograph the mother, putting her on the cover page as well for the special piece!

Jay Park brings Joon Mo and Hae Ryung to his home on the pretense that Joon Mo is a careless caddy for not having realized she was injured. Hae Ryung says it’s her fault for not telling him, and for hiding it. But Jay Park doesn’t care – he wants to change her coach and fire Joon Mo as her caddy.


2 thoughts on “Birdie Buddy: Episode 16

  1. Thanks for the awesome recaps as usual 🙂

    Is it wrong that I really want to punch jay park in the face? 😛 I wonder if Jessica will have more roles or if she was just…there for this ep XD starting to feel bad for hae ryung….

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