Birdie Buddy: Episode 15

I loved this episode for all the exposition. It’s about time we all learned more about what’s really going on. Even though we got hints as to everyone’s hidden motives and their pasts, it’s kind of refreshing to get it all out in the open. That moment of revelation is very satisfying for me.

Plus – 9 more episodes and we’re at the end!

The aftermath of the Hae Ryung Maelstrom.

Joon Mo meets Jung Woo for some drinks, telling him that Hae Ryung has pretty much holed herself up in her room. She won’t talk to anyone, won’t trust anyone. Pretty lonely existence already, and she’s making it worse for herself. Jung Woo knows they need to stop Hae Ryung from destroying herself, but Joon Mo smiles ruefully – easier said than done.

Sae Hwa stews. And stews all night long. Finally she makes her decision – she tells Danny to charge Hae Ryung with a breach of contract lawsuit and force her to pay compensation. Cool, clean revenge.

Yong Shik heads to Won Resort again to play another round with that businessman, and bumps into Mr. Kim – Jay Park’s associate who had contacted him. Mr. Kim has a business proposal – they’re going to do a big scam, but he can’t say for whom it’s for. But he will help make Yong Shik a CEO of a paper company.

Mi Soo orders Jung Woo to cancel tomorrow’s practice because she wants to visit Fabian, showing just what kind of a willful student she is. She notes that he’s eating ddukbokki with ease, when usually he can’t eat spicy food, and notes that something must be bothering him. Hmm – she’s perceptive enough to pick up on his feelings, while not being in love with him just yet…

Mi Soo runs up to Fabian screaming, “Teaaaaaaaacher!!!” and he gives a half-smile before resuming his usual disgruntled, “You’re so loud, stop screaming.”

Mi Soo: “Ah! But I saw you about to smile as soon as you saw me. You missed me didn’t you?”


She had brought a gift for him, some nice shirt and sweater – basically real, Western clothing instead of the ragged Korean pajamas he wears. He peeks and then pushes it back – next time she can just bring cash. “He likes cash and yet acts like he has no need for material things…” she grumbles.

Sae Hwa meets with Joon Mo in a deserted area by a river bed. She thinks Joon Mo planned all of this to happen, and that’s why he didn’t leave for the States as he had promised. Joon Mo denies he has the power to instigate all of this, but he didn’t leave for the States because he felt bad being unable to say goodbye to Hae Ryung properly.

Sae Hwa scoffs at this, and we finally learn the true history: after getting pregnant with Hae Ryung, she remained in hiding in the countryside and lived in a small apartment with her daughter for 10 months. She couldn’t go back to her parents, and she couldn’t leave her place for fear that her father was going to hunt her down and send Hae Ryung far away. With Jung Ran’s help, they managed to survive. Once she got her father’s promise to never touch Hae Ryung, she reemerged into the world, and swore that Hae Ryung’s father would never see her. Swore that she would provide what was best for her daughter.

Despite how she protected her daughter, Hae Ryung forgot all that and threw her mother aside for a father she never knew.

For one thing – Sae Hwa’s a pushy mom, so I’m not surprised Hae Ryung pushed her away, despite “all she did for her daughter.” Secondly, I really wonder who Sae Hwa’s father is to be so powerful and influential. Could it be…. Jay Park!?

Sae Hwa accepts the thrown gauntlet from her daughter – this is war.

It’s time for Mi Soo to leave for the Dream Tour. She promises to do her best to her father, who’s sulky because he can’t go watch. The Dream Tour is an intense tournament of five rounds. For amateurs, it’s a chance to go pro, but it’s incredibly difficult to do so.

Mi Soo easily takes on rounds 1 and 2 of the Dream Tour, and emerges as the dark horse of the tournament. She even defeats Kim Ji Eun, the national representative for the tournament. She wins trophy after trophy, which get bigger and bigger as she goes through the rounds.

Meanwhile, Min Hae Ryung is competing in all the overseas tournaments, like the British Open, with her father by her side. No matter what, Sae Hwa is affected at seeing her daughter succeed in the newspapers without her. As Joon Mo covers a sleeping Hae Ryung with a blanket, Danny covers Sae Hwa with one to comfort her.

Round 4 of Dream Tour, and her swings and determination are intercut with images of her training. Finally she’s at the last hole of the last round, and 5 under par. If she does well, she’ll be first again.

Her first shot sends her to the fairway, and she reaches the final putt. Everyone in Won Resort gathers to watch, and Jung Ran holds Kyung Sook (Mi Soo’s mother) tightly, who’s a nervous wreck. To increase the anticipation, the commentators say that no one has become pro after winning every game in the Dream Tour, but Mi Soo could very much be the first.

Final putt… and IT’S IN! You only know it’s in because the camera focuses on Kyung Sook as she watches, her breath sucked in, and she finally screams up in joy. The big underdog has won, and at her award ceremony, she spots Fabian and Jung Woo in the back – Fabian wearing the clothes she gave him as a gift!

Eun Joo notices her waving in a different direction and turns to look. She takes a photo of Fabian and Jung Woo. When Hae Ryung returns to Korea, all she sees are photos of Mi Soo and Jung Woo happy after each win. Meanwhile in his office, Jay Park remembers Mi Soo’s face from the photographs of Fabian. Uh oh…

Jay Park stews angrily as he realizes that Mi Soo is Fabian’s student. 24 years ago, he had been working as a scammer too on European golf tournaments, and the person that they were going to use as an upstager was Fabian. It was going to be a dangerous bet, but Jay Park was desperate enough to go for it. So he signed a contract with Fabian.

Mi Soo and Jung Woo return home to a nice party. Mi Soo and Kyung Sook hug like crazy, so happy that she’s finally done it! Her father lights up sparklers and they all cheer. Randomly, Chief Caddy appears at their home too! She invited herself over to congratulate Mi Soo, but really takes the opportunity to hit on Tae Gab not-too-subtly. Mi Soo smiles at seeing Gong Sook jealous, and when Kyung Sook asks Gong Sook to do something for her, Chief Caddy immediately grabs Gong Sook by the hood and offers to do it herself. Way to go at showing you are in love with Tae Gab!

Time for a toast! They all have Mi Soo stand, and she thanks everyone for supporting her and helping her family. She then looks at Tae Gab, her father, and her mother. Without any more words, she kneels down to the floor and pays her respects. It’s a touching scene, one that also makes Tae Gab uncomfortable at the amount of respect his older sister is giving him, and one that moves everyone else to tears.

Jay Park makes a trip up to the mountains to see Fabian. It is not a pleasant meeting for both, and it looks like Fabian has been avoiding him for all these years. Jay Park mentions that Fabian has quite the student in Mi Soo. That freezes Fabian right up. Jay Park: “I’ll cheer for her.” That’s enough for Fabian to understand the threat, and so when Mi Soo and Jung Woo visit again, Fabian is much colder, and tells Jung Woo to keep Mi Soo away from him.

Meanwhile Danny meets with Lee Yoon Gi, who’s a pseudo-informant and knows a lot about the gambling ring and Jay Park. Jay Park chooses one sport and sets it up from behind. He will bet a large amount of money and manipulate the outcome. He’ll take a player like Min Hae Ryung and make her the favorite to win for everyone. He’ll legally sign her up on his team as well. Then, when she plays a major tournament, everyone will bet for her. However, he will also make Min Hae Ryung train hard, and give her an exhausting schedule. Only he and Joon Mo (technically) would know Hae Ryung’s true condition. Jay Park will also bring in a variable to the game: a player that he’s privately trained to professionally win a game. That newcomer is Jessica, who’s been away from Korea the whole time, and could very well even be his secret daughter.

Then, when everyone bets on Hae Ryung, he will bet on Jessica, and lo and behold – Jessica will win. Jay Park gets tons of cash. So now his big problem is Mi Soo – if she enters that same tournament with Hae Ryung and Jessica, she could really upset this perfect game he’s set up.

Danny is shocked at all this information, and quickly takes it to Joon Mo so that he can stop Hae Ryung in time. Jay Park is powerful enough that he could get Hae Ryung injured if need be.

A new tournament – the Chung Woo Bank’s Ladies Open – is coming up and the manager of it even approached Jay Park about signing on Hae Ryung for it. He agrees, but on the condition that a newcomer can join. (Dun dun dun…) He then takes the suggestion to Hae Ryung, and Joon Mo doesn’t want her to join. He’s already suspicious of Jay Park. However, Hae Ryung already agrees.

And then we have our wild card: Jung Woo signs Mi Soo up for the same tournament for her pro debut. Things are falling into place quite nicely! (Not for Jay Park though.) Mi Soo is excited and promises to practice even harder.

Mi Soo’s father helps picking out the bad beans for Joong Ki and his mother’s restaurant, but he falls into a trance. It makes Joong Ki worried, and they end up going back home. Joong Ki wonders if he should take Father to the hospital, but then he sees Mi Soo come home. Mi Soo greets her father, and he looks at her with a mournful look: “While my Mi Soo suffered to become pro, I was only baggage to you. I’m sorry.”

With that, she realizes that he got his memory back.

Everyone rushes home, and they test him on people’s names. He really remembers them all now, and the mother falls into tears of happiness. He also thanks Tae Gab for protecting the family the whole time. The family celebrates – Sung Kyung Hwan is back!!!!!!!

Sidebar: I really laugh at Mi Soo’s father’s name, because Sung Kyung Hwan sounds so much like Sungkyungkwan….Scandal… HEEHEE.


3 thoughts on “Birdie Buddy: Episode 15

  1. Thanks again for the recap. ^_^ And lol @ Mi Soo’s father’s name. That never really crossed my mind at all, but now that you pointed out… I keep on laughing. xD

  2. I’ve been lurking here for quite some time now. Although I’m not following up in Birdie Buddy anymore, it’s nice to read your recaps. I just wanted to show my appreciation for your hardwork.

    Don’t you also write for DramaBeans? I thought I saw your name in the “Thank You” post.

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