New Home For Blog

Hi All!

So I’ve been working on some upgrades to the site. Maybe for the better? Maybe for the worst? Point is, will cease to exist.

This is not an April Fool’s Joke.

The new site is at Please do give me some feedback on the site. While most of the posts have been updated and added there, I’m probably going to make more tweaks in the coming days (or weeks. or months.).

So. Yeah. Bye bye old home! I’m growing up now! *sniff sniff*


Birdie Buddy: Episode 15

I loved this episode for all the exposition. It’s about time we all learned more about what’s really going on. Even though we got hints as to everyone’s hidden motives and their pasts, it’s kind of refreshing to get it all out in the open. That moment of revelation is very satisfying for me.

Plus – 9 more episodes and we’re at the end!

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