Tree With Deep Roots Press Conference

Have I mentioned that I’m excited for this drama? No? OK, let me officially state that I’m excited for this drama. Murder? check. Mystery? check. Historical? Ehhhhhh – half-check. Han Suk Gyu? Double check.

The cast – Han, Shin Se Kyung, and Jang Hyuk were present at the press conference held on the 29th at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul. Jang Hyuk admitted that he was going to turn down this drama at first because he thought his character was boring. He thought that there were other more interesting characters in the original novel this drama is based on. However, when he read the synopsis and script, he realized that his character was richer and more dramatized, and works as a narrator for the storyline.

Whew! Well I’m glad he took it on, because I think he can pull off the particular gravitas as an investigator. Sometimes I think his “seriousness” is too moody and the same all the time, but framed within the right drama, it’ll be just enough. And I think Tree With Deep Roots might be a good medium for it. The drama will air on October 5.


Of course, Shin stood out in her white, formfitting dress and criss-crossing straps. I actually like the edginess the belts provide. And the metallic pumps!? Nice touch. Despise the height…


source: star news, asiae


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