News Bits: 9/30/11 Edition

Cha Tae Hyun is a father again! His baby daughter was born on September 29th, four years after his son was born in 2007. Congratulations!

He will start filming a new movie – “Gone With the Wind” – next month. Looks to be a historical comedy as the movie synopsis describes it as thieves stealing ice from an ice house.

  • This news bit is really old but I had been holding on to this article just to stare at Eunjung of T-ARA. (Honestly, I must have a female crush on her…) She revealed a longer hairstyle which hearkens back to when she first debuted. It’s so weird because I love her with her short hair. However, I do think it’s time for change, and what better than by giving her a longer hairstyle? However, please change those highlights. Ick. If anything – she might star in another historical drama called Queen Insu. She will play the younger version, Queen So Hye, who becomes Queen Insu (reportedly portrayed by Iron Empress Chae Si Ra) and the mother of Joseon’s ninth king, Seongjeong. Not confirmed yet – she will be busy with her group’s singing activities so this project may conflict.
  • Jang Shin Young is to star in a new drama Empress, which will be on E Channel. To market the drama, she appears in a set of pictorials meant to introduce her character, a vengeful woman who wishes to take her revenge against the rich and powerful. Chaebols – watch out! The drama is based on a Japanese manga, and will run for 13 episodes starting October 1. These pictures make me wonder what would have happened had she been the lead in I Am Legend
  • Hwang Jung Eum will fill Song Hye Gyo‘s shoes by starring in Full House 2 opposite Noh Min Woo. This makes it so much more final, so much more possible, and makes me so much more curious. Hwang was just in Can You Hear My Heart, but I only saw her in High Kick Through the Roof. She was funny, and OK, and I can imagine her being a klutz (which I presume her character will be).
  • Vampire Prosecutor is airing on Sunday! Tree With Deep Roots is starting soon! The Princess’ Man looks so good I NEED to watch this drama now that it’s ending! And I still have City Hunter to watch! TIME?! WHERE’D YOU GO!?!?!?!

source: star news, allkpop, newsen, asiae


One thought on “News Bits: 9/30/11 Edition

  1. You are so right!! I have so many dramas to watch and so little time!! Doesn’t help that school started too!!
    Thank you for posting this!!

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