Birdie Buddy: Episode 14

Not an exciting episode, but again the focus was on Hae Ryung. Though Lee Da Hee isn’t a bad actress, I think her storyline has just gotten to a point where I just don’t care. It’s always her fighting with her mother, and she keeps holding a grudge against Jung Woo. Most of the other characters have moved on, but I feel like she’s still revolving on the same plane.

Nevertheless, her actions are simply setting her up to be Mi Soo’s great rival.

So Mi Soo’s ball flies – 548 meters! Stunning new record – and a ridiculous feat! She wins the car, and drives up to the resort to surprise her mother and Tae Gab. Whee!

Meanwhile, Sae Hwa has found Hae Ryung in the countryside and pulls her daughter into her car for a talk. More like, yelling at her for all the trouble she’s caused. Hae Ryung wonders why her mother can’t be worried about her and just be normal – let her live out her dreams. It’s not her dream to be a golfer, it’s Sae Hwa’s dream.

Hae Ryung is pissed that she never got a “normal” childhood because of her ambitious mother, and she refuses to go back to the resort. She threatens her mother to never come looking for her again. Sigh* I wish it would teach Sae Hwa a lesson…

Meanwhile Jay Park has another one of his henchman/associates contact a professional scammer so that they could all participate in Jay Park’s Grand Scheme of Things. This professional scammer – Park Yong Shik – is busy teaching some young ‘uns how to be scammers too. He displays an incredibly bad form when taking his swing, but makes his ball land far in the course. The point of the bad form? To look so laughable that he seems like a pushover.

Yong Shik used to be in New Zealand but came back to Korea after Jay Park’s associate called him up. First order of business in Korea is to scam an old businessman and his young girlfriend at the Won Resort courses. Despite his bad form but good swings, Yong Shikloses the first round on purpose because it makes the businessman feel more confident about beating him. He’ll only go for a surprise victory once the stakes are higher, and his winnings are higher.

While at Won Resort, Eun Joo bumps into him – and it turns out he’s her uncle! Curious reporter she is, she asks him a bunch of questions about how he scams people, and then turns the conversation to the gambling golf ring from 20 years ago. She knows that Jung Woo is connected to Fabian, and that Fabian used to be part of the ring, but she can’t seem to get more information. But Yong Shik isn’t going to throw her a bone either.

In the middle of the night, Hae Ryung packs up and leaves the grandparents’ home in the countryside. The grandmother wakens at the noise, but grandfather stops her from going out to see Hae Ryung. They let her leave quietly.

Jung Woo drives Mi Soo down the mountain to meet Pil Soo. She’s to treat him to lunch as a way of thanking him for the new golf clubs, but Jung Woo knows that she’s feeling all nervous about lunch. What if it ends up being insanely expensive?

Funnily enough, that’s exactly what Pil Soo wants – to go to a hotel’s expensive restaurant. Mi Soo is shocked by the prices but goes along with it, as she has no choice in order to save face.

Hae Ryung checks herself into a hotel and calls up Joon Mo. She wants to meet.

They meet at the same restaurant Mi Soo, Pil Soo, and Jung Woo are at, and Hae Ryung announces her intention to go back to golf. However, she wants Joon Mo as her caddy, and she will break her contract and become Jay Park’s player.

Meanwhile Joong Ki takes Mi Soo’s father with him as he makes his deliveries, telling the father to stay inside the car. However, the father notices a musical instrument store, and suddenly he gets a flash of memory about holding a clarinet. He makes a run for the store.

When Joong Ki comes back, he becomes frantic at losing Mi Soo’s father. He alerts Tae Gab and the mother, and they start searching for Father. However, thankfully Joong Ki finds him quickly at the music store.

Problem is, the father has grabbed hold of the clarinet and won’t let it go. The store owner is outraged, but it’s hard to reason with a man sick in the mind. The father insists that the clarinet belongs to Tae Gab, which actually breaks Tae Gab’s heart. He asks for permission to play the clarinet – only then would Father be able to let go of the instrument.

Tae Gab begins to play, and while Father is happy at the performance, Mother tears up. They had spent so much money on Mi Soo that they had neglected Tae Gab in cultivating his talents, and he’s really good at the clarinet. (I love this actor – he expresses so much emotion in just his eyes.)

After lunch, Mi Soo is visibly relieved – turns out Pil Soo paid instead! She’s embarrassed, but they all tease her for worrying so much about the cost. As they leave, they bump into Joon Mo and Hae Ryung. Hae Ryung isn’t too happy to see Jung Woo joking around with Mi Soo, and she ignores them coldly.

Jung Woo chases after her up to her room, wanting to talk. That leaves Pil Soo, Mi Soo, and Joon Mo in an awkward lurch as the rejected parties. Pil Soo has to leave first because he has another appointment, and so Joon Mo offers to have tea with Mi Soo.

Jung Woo wants to clarify the situation – if she continues to avoid the problems, she’ll continue to have misunderstandings. He’s not going to leave Mi Soo’s side because she’s a great player, not because he has any particular feelings for her as a man. To him, both Hae Ryung and Mi Soo are great players, but not necessarily “women” to him.

He can only hope that Hae Ryung can stop hurting, and return to Won Resort. That’s not really want Hae Ryung wants to hear, and she kicks him out. Once the door closes, she stifles her sobs. Outside in the hallway, Jung Woo mopes. And mopes for a really long time.

It gets to a point where Joon Mo also has to leave, having waited for a long time with Mi Soo at the cafe. He had wanted to say hi to Jung Woo but is afraid he can’t wait. He finds out from Mi Soo that Jung Woo is now her coach, but they have a complicated history of how they met. No kidding – how do you explain that you first thought your coach was a rapist?

Finally, Jung Woo “wakes” from his moping and realizes that Mi Soo is waiting for him. He rushes down to the lobby and looks for her, but she’s no longer at the cafe. He wanders around, but finally catches a glimpse of a yellow jacket behind a column. She’s sitting there, still waiting.

And what’s worse is when she finally sees him, she smiles.

OK – sidebar: I would be so pissed with Jung Woo if he made me wait like that, especially if he was my ride home. I mean really dude, mope on your own time when you don’t have prior engagements. But it does also show what Mi Soo thinks of him, and is a testament to her personality. She has tenacity, and also is very understanding and patient. She knows that Jung Woo can’t possibly have an easy time with Hae Ryung because she’s aware of their history. She also isn’t jealous of their relationship at all, and so it implies that she still views Jung Woo with some distance. It’s amazing how she can have dinners with him at her home, and yet still keep him in a far enough distance where she doesn’t confuse feelings for him as a coach with feelings for him as a man.

Jung Woo takes her out for some ramen, which soothes their hungry bellies. Jung Woo: “It’s good isn’t it?” Mi Soo: “It all tastes the same.” Jung Woo: “If you eat based on taste, then it’s all the same. You should eat it based on memories (associated with the taste).” Because they’ve waited so long for a meal, this cup of ramen would taste the best.

He apologizes for having neglected her for so long due to his personal problems. He tells her that when she dates in the future, she should never accept a guy who makes her wait. Sound advice I’d say!

Joon Mo meets with Danny and informs him of Hae Ryung’s plans. Danny is pleased to hear that she’ll be returning to golf, but the smile turns upside down when he hears that she wants to be Jay Park’s player.

The family admires Mi Soo’s new golf clubs and her father picks up her 8 iron, the club that started it all. He steals it to play, but then suddenly is hit with a memory of him yelling at his wife to throw away the golf club before Mi Soo gets too fond of it.

His silence worries the family, and they wonder if he’s ok. He continues to stare at the 8 iron… and then releases a huge burp. And he’s back to laughing like a little kid!


The next day Jung Woo takes Mi Soo to a hillside where there are windmills generating electricity. He wants her to hit the golf ball into a bunker hundreds of yards ahead while working with the windy conditions.

She grabs a few strands of grass and lets it fly. Figuring out the direction of the wind, she then measures out the direction of where the ball should go. She swings… and they hear the faint clink of the ball entering the bunker.

Danny arrives at Hae Ryung’s hotel to meet unannounced. She cuts to the chase: she doesn’t want to deal with him as her mother’s secretary. He also cuts to the chase: he doesn’t want her to ever take action based on anger. If she does so, everyone will be hurt. But Hae Ryung doesn’t care; she’ll do what she wants, and never wants to meet Danny again like this.

So when Danny goes to meet Sae Hwa, he doesn’t reveal her plans, or where Hae Ryung is, even though Sae Hwa is clearly fretting over her daughter.

Joon Mo surprises Hae Ryung at midnight with some ice cream for a late night snack. He has now checked into the hotel, but lives a floor below so that things won’t be too uncomfortable. He also formally accepts her offer to be his caddy.

They visit Jay Park the next day to formally accept his offer. Joon Mo is a little skeptical of Jay Park’s motives on stealing Hae Ryung away from Won Resort. So many problems would stem from this switch in sponsors. But Jay Park reminds them that it’s Hae Ryung who accepted.

Aaaaand the news goes out to the papers. Sae Hwa is pissed. Danny apologizes, and Sae Hwa wonders if he’s apologizing because he knew about it beforehand, or because the situation is just so terrible for her and her company?


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