Park Shi Hoo, Serial Killer

Park Shi Hoo, Serial Killer.

Park Shi Hoo, Convicted Murderer.

Park Shi Hoo, Best Selling Author.

Park Shi Hoo, My Boo Can Do No Wrong.

So yeah – seeing news about him in a movie called I Am a Murderer and being cast as the bad guy opposite Jung Jae Young makes me SO EXCITED! It’s a similar excitement to when I heard Jang Geun Suk was going to play the main suspect/murderer in Itaewon Murder Case – that feeling of, “I’m going to be surprised and I would love to see that innocent face display a dark cruelty beneath.”

Park’s character is supposedly a former killer who then writes a bestseller called “I Am a Murderer.” (Reminds me of OJ Simpson’s about-to-be-published book “If I Did It” – but Park did it.) Then a copycat killer starts a new set of serial murders, and Jung’s detective character starts hunting Park down. It’s like White Collar, but not funny. It’s like Castle, but if Castle actually committed the murders, and Jung was a girl.

It’s like… this would be an amazing film if Park’s character ended up masterminding the crimes.

Hells yeah.

source: dramabeans, naver


3 thoughts on “Park Shi Hoo, Serial Killer

  1. kyaaaaa finally he goes to a big screen! just a matter of time…. Oh how I love to see that lovely face of him being a mastermind in a thriller genre? bring it on! His acting has improve alot! He is good in Princess man….. So i beileve he will pull it off.

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