Birdie Buddy: Episode 13

Advantages of this drama: the 45-minute episodes help make the drama feel fast paced; the length of the drama (24 episodes) allow for a slower but better character development. Case in point: I hate Jung Woo’s actions and conflicting feelings, but I can understand them better because nothing’s rushed.

Disadvantages of this drama: too much of Sae Hwa being stubborn; the plots keep recycling in some way – competition, setback, withdrawal, resurgence. And the mother just keeps cycling between controlling and frustrated.

It’s a joyous reunion for the family as Mi Soo returns home from her unconventional training. The family hosts a party and invites Gong Sook and her father. Poor Joong Ki – he rushes to get there but is tied down by his duties at his mother’s restaurant.

Gong Sook’s father thinks back to the time when Mi Soo’s father would eat so much garlic and was healthier. He finds out that Jung Woo dislikes garlic, and comes up with a new game: a match between Jung Woo and Kyung Hwan over who can eat the most raw garlic!!

Jung Woo throws up by the fourth. Wuss. 😀

Mi Soo pats his back and gives him water, and it’s this scene that Joong Ki sees when he finally makes it to their house. Poor guy, he decides to not join the party after all. I know he likes Mi Soo, but he shouldn’t just give up so easily in the face of Jung Woo. I mean, he’s still Mi Soo’s best friend – Jung Woo can never replace that!

Back in the mountains, looks like Fabian kinda misses Mi Soo. Aww… Once again alone, he thinks he hears some noise outside but sees no one. Actually, there’s a photographer in the bushes, spying on him.

That photographer reports back to Jay Park, who seems to be keeping tabs on Fabian. Since there are photos of Mi Soo and Jung Woo too, Jay Park becomes very interested in the two of them.

First order of business for Mi Soo is to get new golf clubs. Just by the weight of her golf bag, Jung Woo knows that she broke a lot of golf clubs with the Ball in Water Test. He broke a lot more, if that’s any comfort. She meets Pil Soo for a fitting, and he helps custom make her shafts to fit her clubs.

Watching Mi Soo test out the clubs makes Jung Woo think about Hae Ryung too.

They then go to Won Resort for the golf course and test out her clubs and improved swings. It’s a moment for the two because Jung Woo asks her to call him “coach.” They have both reached a point where they’ve gotten over all their misunderstandings, and Mi Soo has grown to respect him. Mi Soo takes a moment to visit Jung Ran and finds out about the Long Drive competition, where the prize is a car. This brings an idea to mind – as her family had recently sold their old truck for some extra cash.

Hae Ryung returns to Korea, and is greeted by Jay Park’s secretary. She meets Park at his secluded home and he propositions her with an offer: be his player instead.

She refuses – she’s quit golf, having lost her reason to play. With that, the secretary brings her back to Seoul, and from there she runs off to the countryside. What is Jay Park’s game? He is taking advantage of Hae Ryung’s fractured relationship with her mother and also staying interested in Mi Soo and Fabian. He seems to be setting up the match of a lifetime – sort of like a puppet master, but also conveniently acting as the scriptwriter and getting the drama right where it should be: a Mi Soo vs. Hae Ryung match.

Danny also still keeps in contact with Joon Mo, who’s actually back in his hometown rather than the States. Joon Mo gets a call from Jay Park to meet, and finds out that Hae Ryung is back in Korea. Acting concerned, Park tries to get Joon Mo to convince his daughter to return to golf. Thing is – just how influential could Joon Mo be?

In the countryside, Hae Ryung has boarded with farming grandparents and helps them on the fields. She lies about her background, as they don’t recognize her, and says that her parents are off on a cruise. But then Joon Mo finds her there.

Hae Ryung is angry with him for leaving her, but Joon Mo didn’t want to leave anyways. He was surprised to find out he had a daughter, and regrets leaving her and Sae Hwa ever in the first place. Hae Ryung refuses to go back to golf, and she also promises to never look at him as a father, or even call him that.

Joon Mo leaves, and makes a call to Danny. Of course Sae Hwa finds out, but Danny forces her to sleep on the new information rather than go rushing and snatching Hae Ryung in the middle of the night.

Mi Soo wants to join the long drive competition, but Jung Woo notes that her golf balls aren’t flying as far as they should. He takes her to get new custom balls through a friend of his (guy’s got mad connections) and she watches as her golf balls run through the machines and get stamped with angel wings.

The competition takes place at an airplane strip, with each contestant getting 5 swings. The best out of those 5 will be their score. The former champ steps up to set the bar at 494 yards, but someone else beats him with 512 yards. Then it’s Mi Soo’s turn, and with her first swing, hits 502 yards. It places her in second, and so she continues to swing until it’s her fifth and final try.

She pivots her body, she swings, she hits, it flies.

And flies…and flies…


3 thoughts on “Birdie Buddy: Episode 13

  1. Is there any chance you know the music played at the end of the episode, when Jung Woo tries to call Hae Ryung? The piano and the violin…
    I’m trying so hard to find out >.<

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