News Bits: 9/24/11 Edition

OMG. JOO JI HOON. Comeback!?

SBS has announced that they might air Daepoongsoo (tentative title), a 50-episode historical drama about the founding of the Joseon dynasty with Joo Ji Hoon headlining. It was supposed to go up by the end of 2011, but might be reconsidered for the end of 2012 since production is still in the air.

This would have been Joo’s comeback after he completes his service in November. He had also halted his acting career in 2009 due to being caught for illegal drug use.

I would be SO excited, because I really like him. He knows how to emote, and is the first (and rare) actor who made me cry while watching a drama (it was Goong). But since this is really way off in the future, I won’t keep my hopes up too high, since casting changes are sudden and fickle.

Oh who am I kidding? Kyaa!

  • Speaking of fickle casting, Song Seung Hoon is not going to be in Brain – or at least, he hasn’t confirmed that he will be. Lollerz. ROFL. Production team: you screwed, man.
  • Park Shin Hye headed to the airport, going to Ghana for the ‘STOP HUNGER’ campaign. She tweeted a photo of herself, and of course the netizens paid more attention to the fact that her airport fashion is just so chic rather than the good cause she’s supporting and acting as ambassador for.
  • Jang Geun Suk and Yoona attended a script reading for Love Rain, where Jang’s character will do anything for Yoona’s character in the 1970s. That relationship is to be compared with relationships in the present day. I feel like this drama could be an insightful piece – albeit overly dramatic because its Yoon Suk Ho – on love, and yet it’s YOONA! Urgh. At least she’s laughing in the photo – not giving her placid smile.
  • Another script reading! This time for Glorious Jae In – or Man of Honor. I kind of like the title Glorious Jae In better because I feel like Park Min Young is the main character, and the title should focus on her.
  • Gu Hye Sun, Yoo Sun (film actress recently in “Glove”), and Lee Joon from MBLAQ are all set to star in a new SBS drama that follows Tree with Deep Roots. The drama, Fly Again, will air in January 2012 and is about an assistant pilot who wants to become the head pilot. They had a script reading on September 23. Goo will play a passionate co-pilot (who is probably the one trying to be the head pilot) and Lee Joon will play an airplane navigator with a picky attitude.
  • Jang Dong Gun is going to star in a film with Cecilia Cheung (his costar in “The Promise”) and Zhang Ziyi. Called “Shanghai Project” it’s a Chinese remake of “Dangerous Liaisons.” OOOooooOOOHHHhh. Last versions of that French film that I saw were “Cruel Intentions” and “Untold Scandal” with Bae Yong Joon (which scarred me temporarily because I saw that film after I saw his “pure innocent” performance in Winter Sonata).
sources: asiae, star news, osen, soompi, allkpop

4 thoughts on “News Bits: 9/24/11 Edition

  1. “and is the first (and rare) actor who made me cry while watching a drama (it was Goong).” wow, so are u kind of person who seldom cry while watching moving scene?

    So I’m the only who weird here .., I always cry when my attachment to the character is so strong, then everytime they suffer or doing something sweet or when they are sacrificed for someone, I will end up crying like a baby even when the actor / actress is bad ….
    Joo Ji Hoon is no exception
    In The devil, I always cry for him everytime his character suffered or when he is crying. God, I’m such a cry baby… >.< ….
    He is good in the devil….

  2. I LUB Joo Ji Hoon…he’s one of those actors that really worked on his talent and made a name of his himself….i’m glad that he’s being considered for a role even before his release..and a sageuk at that!..I’m not usually much of a sageuk person and it will totally depend on who could be writing this…but it certainly is something to look forward to if he accepts…if Lee Ji Ah can make a comeback after her scandal so can my JJH……so excited!!!!
    sigh..I really dont want to talk about how disapointing the casting of Love Rain has been…I’m more dissapointed in JGS since I feel like he’s picking projects to up his popularity(especially in Japan) instead of working on challenging himself more..I recently watched his cameo in Ikemen desu ne and literally gagged when I heard the characters call him Geun sama… he planning on being the next Yonsama???!!!

  3. I love his acting ^^ in goong everyone prefered the second sweet guy, but I didn’t I love SHin until the end. And never really liked the selfish second guy – people think he was the best option, but I don’t think so, all he cared was about himself and how to make the main girl love him back .

  4. I like Joo Ji Hun too. I’m glad that he is coming back. He does “being completely still with no obvious facial tick while showing that he is hiding emotional pain inside” really well. I didn’t like the photo though.

    ““Untold Scandal” with Bae Yong Joon (which scarred me temporarily because I saw that film after I saw his “pure innocent” performance in Winter Sonata).”

    It is the reverse for me since I watched the film and LOVED BYJ’s performance -which I think is the best among the adaptations of the novel- and decided to check Winter Sonata out – I’m a drama addict ever since!

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