A Look at a Tree With Deep Roots

A Tree With Deep Roots airs on October 5 on SBS, and stars Shin Se Kyung, Jang Hyuk, and Song Joong Ki. A historical-mystery-thriller, it follows Kang Chae Yoon (Jang), an investigative officer, who tries to solve a series of murders under King Sejong’s (Han Suk Gyu) reign. His court lady So Yi (Shin) is a mute due to a traumatic experience, and helps him create the Korean alphabet. She is also the one who may know why the murders are occurring. And then you have Song Joong Ki as the teenage King Sejong.

I’m only writing about this because I actually find the trailer and premise intriguing. I have this feeling it might be another The Princess’ Man, which is a ratings hit. It will go up against the latter half of Can’t Lose and Glorious Jae In, so I’m thinking that it’s going to get a lot of viewers. Yes, Glorious Jae In is helmed by the team that brought you Baker King Kim Tak Goo, but you can’t discount the plot of this one, which is far more interesting than watching a baseball player make his comeback after meeting a nurse. Tree is also brought to you by the writers of Queen Seondeok, so…

Also – did you know that there is a 1983 drama with the same name, also based on the reign of King Sejong? It aired on MBC and starred Han In Soo (Yi San, Stained Glass) and Kim Young Ae (Royal Family, Athena). I’m not sure if the story is the same (I doubt it) but it’s kinda cool if this one is a remake. This drama is also Han Suk Gyu’s comeback after 16 years – his last drama was Hotel in 1995. Baek Yoon Sik (of Harvest Villa) also makes a cameo.

Below are some photos during shooting, as well as a teaser trailer.




sources: youtube, soompi


7 thoughts on “A Look at a Tree With Deep Roots

  1. Me Too!!! I’m so excited about this as well…I wasn’t initially but I saw the teaser and it hot!!!!! Han Suk Kyu is also a major bigscreen actor so his comeback is certainly something worth talking about…and the premise is interesting as well….but what pleased me the most was Song Joong Ki….his acting in this clip really got to me..this is the first time we get to see a really serious side to his acting aside from all the angsty-bromance stuff in SKKS and I think he really delivers

    • Agree, SJK’s acting feels different in the trailer.

      I’m kinda disappointed that he’s always a side character or, in this case, a stand-in for when the ‘older’ version of the King comes in. Are there any dramas where SJK is the lead?

      • Not in any dramas yet but its only a matter of time…he was the lead in the movie Hearty Paws and the upcoming Penny Pinching Romance

  2. What is your opinion on The Princess’ Man so far? Tree with Deep Roots first episodes are up against TPM’s final 2 episodes. Any guess on if both dramas’ ratings are going to be affected.

    • I haven’t followed Princess’ Man as well as I would have liked. However, the episodes that I have seen so far are good enough that I can understand why it does so well.

      There is no way Tree with Deep Roots will beat TPM’s final two episodes ratings-wise. That’s my guess.

  3. I’m so glad Han Suk Kyu is back since he is a great actor. And Jang Hyuk is always welcome as far as I’m concerned since not only I love his acting but I also think he is hot.

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