News Bits: 9/20-9/21/11 Edition

I’m sorely behind on news updates aren’t I? They come in bits and pieces… every three-four days or so…kekeke…Why the two dates? Because in my world, it’s already the 21st, but I SWEAR I was writing this on the 20th.

Anyways – it’s a complete TRAVESTY to see Yoona of SNSD be cast opposite Jang Geun Suk in the drama Love in the Rain, headed by the Four Seasons-director Yoon Suk Ho. She was chosen because she could portray “innocence and purity” required of the dual characters she’s playing (the mother in the 1970’s and the daughter in present time; Jang is doing the same thing with his character). Why do I hate the casting choice so much?

Because 1) I saw her in 9 End 2 Outs and she was irritating. She’s perfect at being annoying; and 2) I don’t see her appeal. I get that she kinda matches with Jang Geun Suk in terms of youth and looks, but she’s not amazing. I don’t see why people think she’s cute; I think her face is too expressionless save for a placid smile; she’s not even interesting in SNSD music videos; and I don’t think she’s someone who should headline a big drama like this.

I refuse to watch this drama, unless someone puts a head restraint on me to lock my eyes on the screen and watch her act. Call me violently biased, but hey, I can have my opinion on an actress right?

  • Photos of Sung Yuri have surfaced of her volunteering. I’m a tad jaded when it comes to celebrities showing off their good deeds, but Sung is taking care of a baby! And it’s the cutest baby ever! How to resist? Nice to see she went from Romance Town to doing charitable works, rather than leap into another drama.
  • Han Ye Seul will promote her upcoming film with Song Joong Ki “Penny Pinching Romance” During the press conference, this is what will happen:

Reporter: So what do you have to say about your quickie marriage in LA?

Han: What marriage? I left to protest the terrible working conditions of drama production! You know, no actor should stand for such hectic, draining, unhealthy practices. I want to be the face of resistance! We must fight against those insane producers who pack our schedules! We must urge scriptwriters to finish their scripts weeks in advance so we don’t end up in a live shoot system. We should probably advocate once-a-week dramas! You know what I mean, don’t you Joong-ki?!

Song: …

Reporter: Yes, but… your marriage?

  • Yoon Eun Hye was rumored to be in a Chinese-Korean-Japanese produced film called “Dong Jak Dae” (Three Kingdoms era, Chow Yun Fat, ’nuff said), but first, she needs to show off exactly how sexy she is. See – Gong Yoo tapped that. So did Kang Ji Hwan (to an extent). Keep it coming with the sexy modeling photoshoots, and you can have any male actor dying to star in a rom-com with you in the future. And raise the ire of jealous women everywhere. *looks at waist* *looks at Yoon’s* *smacks self in the forehead*
  • Jung Il Woo took a photo of himself on the set of his upcoming drama Flower Boy Ramen Shop, and posted it on Twitter. He just had to prove once again that he is the perfect flower boy for this drama. (I pick him over Lee Min Ho any day… but City Hunter is changing my mind on that…slowly…) His new drama airs on October 31. (Ha! Halloween! Can he dress up as a flower girl? Wait… that has two totally different meanings… I choose the wedding-definition of that word!)
  • Lee Jia WILL be in a new drama! It’s that MBC drama called Me too, Flower! – formerly known as Return of the Queen, which will air after Can’t Lose. She plays one of the ladies romanced by the leading male – who leads a double life. Yay. Still don’t really like her (*cough*Athena*cough). Kim Jae Won is also slated to star in the drama as that leading male.
  • Oh crikey – Song Seung Hoon is going to show us that he’s SMART! The Hallyu actor has joined the cast of Brains. Or, as these articles seem to tell me, he’s replacing Lee Sang Yoon. Yep – we just might not have Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Young Ah anymore. And now another article says that Lee Hyun Jin and Kim Soo Hyun are no longer in the drama either. Great. Are we going to add Kim Tae Hee in the cast now?

source: asiae, star news, dramabeans, osen


10 thoughts on “News Bits: 9/20-9/21/11 Edition

  1. Thank you!! I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for “Love in the Rain”, albeit with insanely low expectations… Oh well… =/

  2. while reading your article, on my TV appeared the promos for 49 days… (they advertise it a bit cheesy and it is a cable channel for women) but… a trendy kdrama on Romanian TV? yay ( we have sageuks daily at 6PM on national television and another slot on another important channel)- btw we have tons of cable channels and 10 or more mainstream channels – television is a good business around here

    Yoona … I wasn’t annoyed by her char in 9e2o, however her personality and their need to describe her as perfect beauty… it drives me nuts, therefore I can’t stand her on my screen… not even in picture- even though I could get over her acting when I remember the “Perfectness” that she is in Korea … I go crazy and change the drama

    Lee Jia as an actress… can’t watch either, but I like her real life personality – her power to overcome difficulties in her life and over the top to become an actress after a divorce. This is a good example for women who think they are defined by their marriage and not by their own personalities and power to do things on their own- I bet Lee Jia wasn’t alone, but her will power is admirable.

    • OMG. You are so lucky! I’ll die when a korea drama pass on my tv (even on a cable channel – yeah don’t have any korean channel neither japanese. Sobs)

  3. Yoona was irritating in 9End2Out…. Cinderalla Man made me want to shake her so hard. She is lifeless and i cringe every time she is on screen. My vote for the worst actress in all of Korea will always be Yoona . And i hate all her pic, she has the same expression (oh look and me, i am so cute and innocent… FAKE!!!)…. I hate the director reason for casting.. pure and innocent (ALL I CAN SMELL IS SM).. Oh dear esteem PD can you please be honest. I honestly don’t care even if the actress is a slut in her personal life, all i care is the actor to convince me what her character is….I want somebody who can act. Period…

    I am so tired of Idol getting the lead, when there are so many amazing young Actors out there.
    You can all judge me, and i don’t care. How do i see SM. Since i am not a Kpop fan, as a drama watcher if i see SM these thought come my mind, oh the place where we get Korea’s worst actor and know what they somehow manage getting roles over and over again.

    Yes, i know i sound pissed. Yes i am. I love all the Season drama. They hold precious memories. And now i am mourning…. Cause there is no way i am going to watched this drama…. My journey ends here.

  4. God I so hate Yoona…even though I like as a part of SNSD I’ve never found her to be with “pure and innocent” looks or worth that much attention. She was fabulously annoying in 9 End 2 Outs…can’t figure out why she was cast opposite JGS, Han Hyo Joo would’ve been so much better.

  5. that interview for Penny Pinching Romance’s Press con must have been really awkward for Song Joon K….i to have been put in that position….and its hilarious that they continued to ask her those questions after she already said she wan’t married…I’m curious to know whose image suffered the most due to their respective scandals, Lee Jiah’s or Han Yeseul’s…I guess we’ll find out soon when their film/drama comes out….Lee Ji ah has the advantage of time though only by a few months while Han Ye Seul may have more sympathizers because everyone knows that its really hard to work in a drama with that schedule….
    sigh….also so many dissapointing casting news this week..first Yoona then Li Jiah then Song Seung Hoon (How could they replace him for Lee Sang Yoon??!!!…awesome awesome LSY!!)…Having to go from expecting Han Hyo Joo to Yoona opposite JGS nearly broke my heart

  6. Nice to know others share my view on casting Yoona for Love Rain. *sigh* I’m more worried for JGS and how badly that decision could affect his career. (which TOTALLY pisses me off) I also loved the seasons dramas but this just leaves me feeling really sick.

  7. While reading your Yoona spill, all i could think of was her shoes. MA HYE RI!!! Other than that, i don’t care much for her as well. Singer or actor. =/ I know people are highly anticipating the drama, but i’m in the same boat as you. Why must Dir. Yoon Suk Ho write the same characters over and over?

  8. When they said they would cast an SM actress, I thought: “crap, it might be Lee Yeon Hee”. But then I heard it was going to Yoona, and thought: “SHIT. Maybe Lee Yeon Hee’s not so bad after all”.

    *sigh* way to kill my drama hopes

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