Birdie Buddy: Episode 12

Fabian’s training episodes are pretty cool when you see it, but not that interesting in concept. In general – he’s just training her for when she runs into trouble – her ball falls in the water, or falls into the woods. Mi Soo already can do well in the open green, so he just does “targeted training” so to speak. It makes for interesting sequences because they’re so tough, and you want to see Mi Soo succeed.

However, it also means that Mi Soo will succeed, and therefore the training sequences are so limited. I want more Fabian!!!!

Also, it’s interesting to note that Danny is starting to stand up to Sae Hwa now. He’s finally unable to tolerate how Sae Hwa just glosses over all her problems.

So how do you follow up a line of “Because I’ve fallen for you?”

Jung Woo: “I fell for the exact impact you showed me at the rundown school. And I feel for the spirit you showed me at the qualifiers when you wouldn’t give up. Honestly I was really worried that you might quit golf. I wanted to do whatever I could to make you continue playing golf.”

So… just that we’re clear – he fell for her spirit and not for her. Right?

Jung Woo admits to quitting Fabian’s training halfway, opting to go to the States with another sponsor and rising through the ranks far more quickly than anyone could have imagined.

They reach the top of the mountain, and Mi Soo is amazed by the sight. So am I… Anyways – she remembers that she can make phone calls here. She phones her family, and they all clearly miss her. Mom tries to give her some advice on working hard and not calling home so often. Dad steals the phone and just sits and smiles, listening to her voice. Mi Soo has tears in her eyes as she speaks to her father, and Jung Woo listens to it all, taking it to heart.

She asks Jung Woo to visit her family when he goes back down, just to make sure they’re all alright.

That evening, Jung Woo drinks shots of water while Fabian takes in shots of soju. Sounding drunk, Jung Woo apologizes for having run away. A flashback reveals he had left without saying goodbye, and leaving behind a trophy he had won. Flashforward several years later, and he’s won another competition (this time with Hae Ryung watching from afar), but his hand is starting to shake; his wrist has been injured at that point.

Hae Ryung has waited all night at Jung Woo’s mobile home, and he doesn’t show up at all. That just hardens her resolve. When he finds her on the greens, she’s already turned against him. She reckons that he was with Mi Soo, and is angry that he chose Mi Soo (who is having a hard time because she misses her family) over her (who is having a hard time because she’s been abandoned by her family). She no longer wants his help.

Hae Ryung disappears, and Sae Hwa summons Jung Woo, thinking that he had a part of it. He didn’t, and so Sae Hwa terminates her contract with him, forcing him to move out of the old school grounds. Sae Hwa finally gets in contact with Hae Ryung, who then informs her mother that she’s leaving Seoul. And yes – it just might be the States, though she doesn’t confirm that destination for her mother.

When Hae Ryung heads to the airport, she notes to herself that there’s no one stopping her, no one begging her to stay.

Fabian and Mi Soo head over to the creek and he drops a golf ball into the water. She is to hit the ball out of the riverbed. He lays out on a mat and relaxes, ready for the long wait. Mi Soo thinks it’s impossible, so he says that Jung Woo did it. Ha – she’s not going to back down now.

Of course, it takes Mi Soo all day – and a few broken clubs – to figure out how to use just her wrist to flick it out. She gets it out, but it only plops a few feet further down the creek. Day turns to night, and now Fabian is tasked with shining a lamp down at the water so that Mi Soo can see. Fabian whines that he’s getting tired and hasn’t eaten dinner all day (grumpy old men!) so Mi Soo begs him to just wait one more time.

Suddenly she flicks it out. Fabian’s expression says it all:

Danny meets with Jung Woo as he’s packing all his belongings up. He tempers Sae Hwa’s hard line by asking that he still stay around for Hae Ryung. He’ll even set Jung Woo up in a nice apartment. Jung Woo hesitates on whether he should take the offer.

Now Fabian has a new challenge for Mi Soo: he drops a ball in the middle of the woods and tells her that a few hundred yards away is a flag. Mi Soo just needs to figure out how to get out of the woods in as little strokes as possible. Kinda hard for Mi Soo – especially when she’s still haunted by her abysmal showing at the qualifiers.

Back at home, Dad steals Tae Gab’s phone in the hopes of getting another call from Mi Soo. Jung Woo then arrives bearing beef and seaweed soup. He had heard from Mi Soo that sauteed beef with seaweed soup tastes most excellent, and was hoping to have dinner with the family.

Of course, that also means that mom is suddenly on the lookout for a potential son-in-law. While cooking dinner, she confers with Tae Gab on how Jung Woo is perfect son-in-law material and a coach all rolled into one. Then Joong Ki arrives, and Tae Gab asks his mother if Joong Ki is a qualifying candidate. Mom replies with a knock on his head.

Dinner is served, and the family finds out he’s the one behind Mi Soo getting a sponsor and training with a special coach. Poor Joong Ki – he’s being slighted at the fact that Jung Woo is the favorite and can do no wrong. He doesn’t want to eat the soup that Jung Woo bought ingredients for, and so he lies about being allergic to seaweed. Oh really now? Mom takes his bowl and gives it to Dad, who is in dire need for a second serving.

Joong Ki stuffs a slice of seaweed into his mouth in frustration.

At the end of the day, Mi Soo still can’t get the ball out of the forest. Fabian takes her fishing the next day. He tells her a story about the fish – they see a bait in the water and realize its not food, so they swim away. However, they keep coming back to the bait. It will never change into food, no matter how many times they come back, but they still do it. He tells Mi Soo to adapt; in the time that she spends checking the bait to still see if it’s food, she could be looking for other food.

So when Mi Soo goes back to the forest the next day, she takes a closer look at her surroundings. Just a ways away, there’s a narrow but clear, straight path. She knocks the ball into that path, and from there has a straight shot to the flag.

Fabian also manages to catch a fish that day, and serves up some spicy seafood stew (which Mi Soo dislikes). Jung Woo arrives just in time for dinner as well. He also wants to know if Mi Soo is ready. He’s thinking of taking her for the Dream Tour. Fabian tells him it depends on the stew – if it tastes good, then she can go. If it tastes bad, she needs to stay for a little while longer.

Mi Soo comes bounding up to the house, happy at finally having succeeded. She’s amazed Fabian caught a fish too, so she quickly takes a sip of the stew. “Delicious!” she cries. “I guess you can take her,” Fabian comments.

Mi Soo is actually shocked that she’s to leave so soon. She doesn’t want to leave Fabian’s sadistic, unconventional training. She wants to be fully prepared before going into a match. But Fabian is harsh and kicks her out. He tells her to go have fun, get competition all out of her system. This time, his student is leaving with his blessing.


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