On the Set of High Kick 3

Oh the photos of the beautiful cast on set!

There is also an interview with the producer Kim Byung Wook, who did every High Kick series so far, summarized below.

To note, Yoon Kye Sang was the first of the cast to be signed on for the drama, and the producers and writers built the character around him. Kim believed that he was one of those “not so young” actors that’s still quite fresh and “young,” so to speak.

This is also the first cast to not have any children or elders, and that’s something new for the series. Kim noted that the pace isn’t really faster than the previous two series; before, he could quickly end an episode with a child or grandparent whining. Now he can’t – these are the more rational people whose storylines could overlap, and who won’t necessarily go so overboard in expressing their emotions.. The upside is: “it’s less uncomfortable for me to ask them to do the more excessive scenes,” Kim says. “For example, when I ask, ‘How would you eat black paste noodles in ten seconds?’ they say, ‘I’ll give it a shot.'”

In the photo below, Ahn Nae Sang hugs Yoon Kye Sang tightly, and wonders aloud why his heartbeat is racing so fast. Ahn plays a businessman who lost everything, and now depends on his brother in law (Yoon) for financial support. Yoon is described as “in no way gentle” but “embraces his penniless sister’s family with his philanthropic disposition.” Sounds funny already! I mean, who doesn’t like their gruff uncle with a split personality?!

In another scene, Seo Ji Suk teaches his niece Krystal how to properly say the word “Shut up.” OH. MY. GOD. Can I order an Uncle Seo Ji Suk for my family please?

Krystal doesn’t look too happy to be there, and I love Lee Jong Suk‘s kissy face. They play brother and sister here.

source: asiae


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