Birdie Buddy: Episode 11

**Sorry these recaps are coming up late! Episode 12 coming soon!**

I LOVE Fabian. He might be a masochistic old man with a rough (but clear) Korean speaking manner, but he’s what makes it hilarious. His expressions are so hammy that they’re kinda awesome. But Jung Woo? I hate him. I don’t get him. I am annoyed at him. And yet, he’s kind of an interesting character… more on that later.

As for Hae Ryung, she became downright whiny in these two episodes. I’m kind of glad that they pushed her out of the picture (artificially) by episode 12 because she is one messed up kid.

After that stunning hit out in the sky, Fabian has Mi Soo go find the ball and bring it back. Hee.

That evening, he gives her a specially designed golf club. The stick has the same grip as a club, but she’d be swinging a rope with a rock attached to the end. Basically, when she swings it, she’s practically whipping the rope around her body too. 2000 times.

Fabian is so sadistic.

Hae Ryung finishes her round, but falls quite sick. She ends her first round quite badly, makes up for it in the second round, and by the final round is in second place. However, it also gives her a high fever. Jung Woo wants her to go to the hospital, but she insists on a cold bath instead.

He prepares one for her, and without shame, she undresses herself and steps into the bath. Jung Woo is embarrassed, but she forces him to look at her. If he doesn’t kiss her, she’ll get out of the bathtub naked. Of course, he turns around, and she draws him in for a kiss. That prick – despite not being in love with her (when she so clearly is), he continues kissing her. And enjoys it.

I am so ready to sock him in the mouth if he ever proclaims to be in love with Mi Soo.

Mi Soo has been unable to reach her family (and they miss her terribly) due to bad signal in the mountains. What’s worse is one morning she finds herself tied up on her cot. Fabian won’t let her out to eat, drink, piss, or shower. He also tells her to get as much sleep as she can, as she’s going to be training for quite a while. Oh, and that he’s going down the mountain and will be back in a few days.

Mi Soo: “GRAAAAAAAAAAAAMPSS!!!” And out he goes.

Fabian goes down to the seaside and releases some petals to the waters. At the same moment, Jay Park arrives at a bridge with a bouquet of flowers for his wife, who is dead. HRMM…

Now we are at the final round in Hae Ryung’s competition, and she excels all the way to the last hole. However, when she’s about to make her final putting shot, she sees her mother watching over her. Sae Hwa made it to the final hole in the final round, just in time to watch her daughter win the championship. Everyone back in the resort are all watching and cheering for her too.

She makes her final putt, and purposely misses the hole. The commentators are all perplexed, while Jay Park (who’s also in attendance) isn’t too surprised by the turn of events. Hae Ryung even picks up her ball before putting her marker down, which results in a penalty. She misses the putt again, and again, and ends up losing the competition. No one believes that it was “just a mistake.”

She is hounded by reporters afterwards, and so Hae Ryung takes the opportunity to announce that she finally found her dad – and he’s renowned greens keeper Woo Joon Mo.

DUN DUN DUN – because guess what? He didn’t even know she was his daughter either!! Sae Hwa is furious. Outraged. Livid. This public declaration was Hae Ryung’s “gift” to Joon Mo – a way of reinstating his position in her life that her mother had robbed the both of them. Of course, Sae Hwa robs it again by sending Joon Mo off again and having Danny personally escort him to the airport.

Jung Woo is actually quite disappointed in Hae Ryung for her actions. He’s mad that she wasted her moment by purposely losing, and then making such a statement. She could have won the tournament and then made it more glorious by announcing the news about her father.

It’s the start of Hae Ryung losing all her trusted allies – she hates her mother again, feels abandoned by her father, and now Jung Woo has pretty much turned his back on her – especially since he leaves her at home and goes to visit Mi Soo in the mountains…

Hae Ryung’s a messed up kid.

Jung Woo is shocked to find Mi Soo tied up and quickly frees her. She sobs into his shoulder, so happy to see him, but then she registers that he’s falling Fabian “Teacher.” So they know each other? So he was behind her whole “sponsorship and training”? She chases him around with a stick, and is so ready to attack him. But Jung Woo calls for a time out – because Mi Soo stinks as hell!

Self-conscious, she drops the stick she’s holding and runs off to the creek. She bathes herself, and cleans out her clothing. Jung Woo comes by, and instead of coming face to face with a forward woman, he comes face to face with a modest woman who covers herself up. He hands her some new clothing; in return, she must promise NOT to attack him when she comes out of the river. Mi Soo grudgingly accepts the terms…

Or not. As soon as she comes back, freshly dressed, she wields her golf club and tells Jung Woo to come over. (So he can get a spanking?!) Jung Woo pleads mercy, and then Fabian shows up: “You must have so much energy now, and you’re wasting it by attacking someone?” He notes that his remedy has worked – by tying her to a wooden plank for four days, her back is much straighter, and much improved. Jung Woo smirks – see, this training is working for her!

Fabian sends Mi Soo on a hike up to the mountaintop with Jung Woo so that she can stretch out her muscles. She asks Jung Woo why he’s being so nice to her, doing things that will benefit her as a player. Jung Woo: “It’s because I’ve fallen for you.”

PLAYAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Ugh. *prepares fist*


4 thoughts on “Birdie Buddy: Episode 11

  1. Thanks for the recaps on this drama. I’m thoroughly enjoying your views on what’s happening. Your distaste of Jung Woo’s behavior and then to have happened what you feared would at the end of the epi totally made me crack up. 🙂

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