Poseidon Press Conference

The cast of Poseidon is here! And so are the posters. Poseidon follows a Coast Guard investigative unit as they solve maritime crimes. Hm – like NCIS?!

I definitely don’t like the posters. It looks like it’s ripping off of Athena too much, and the poster of the officers all lined up reminds me so much of Hong Kong dramas from my youth. I don’t know why, but it doesn’t make me that much more keen on watching the drama.

Then again, if it ends up being like NCIS…………….. It seems Lee Sung Jae’s character joins the investigative unit in an attempt to locate his wife’s killer too.

Pictures below! Lee Si Young brightens up the mostly male cast, fielding off comparisons to Ha Ji Won, and she’s the only one in a nude-and-black outfit. Everyone chose boring, somber colors for the press conference.

First here are posters two and three:



Choi Si Won fields off the fans reporters. They all keep snapping away… He’s actually gotten a lot of praise from his sunbaes on set. The veteran actors have all noted that despite his idol status, he’s not off-putting or arrogant. They were all nervous that he would be, which makes me think that there ARE stars like that who make it difficult on set JUST BECAUSE they’re idols. He was friendly, and eager to learn. Aw – reminds me of T.O.P. except Choi’s got the boyish charm.

Lee Si Young charms everyone with her dress. Of course, that means multiple angles, and a highlight on the fact that her waist has cutouts. (It’s kinda cute actually!)


Lee Si Young with Lee Sung Jae; Gil Yong Woo. 

Love triangle alert!? Choi Si Won’s got his fists raised in meek defense!

Choi Si Won also admitted that he feels comfortable around Lee Si Young. HMMMM – will we have another romance a la Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young?! Hehe…let’s stir up the rumor mill, shall we?

Si Young: “So one night at the hotel, Si Won-ssi came over to my room and said…”

Si Won: “Whatchoo talkin’ about there?!”

Si Won: “Yah! Let’s keep that night between the two of us, ok?”

Si Young: *blushes* “Oh Si Won-oppppaaaa~ stop it!”

The drama airs on September 19.

sources: star news, dramabeans, allkpop


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