News Bits: 9/16/11 Edition

Lee Jia will be making her comeback! Soon. Maybe.

She’s considering a role in the upcoming MBC drama Return of the Queen (tentative title), which will be written by Kim Do Woo (My Lovely Sam Soon) and directed by Go Dong Sun (Queen of Housewives). According to KEYEAST, nothing has been set in stone yet, especially since her scandal only headlined, like, the first half of summer, and, like, totally rocked South Korea’s world.

She’s gotta be careful yunno? Her next comeback role can’t be about a woman who finds herself in the midst of a divorce and must learn to reinvent herself while dating a costar coworker.

  • Flower Boy Ramen Shop is no longer all about boys. Lee Chung Ah and Kim Ye Won (the lovely Thu Zar Lin of Romance Town) will join the cast as the ramen shop manager and a teacher, respectively. I’m betting that Kim Ye Won will have a “thing” with Jung Il Woo. And by “thing” I mean one-sided crush on Jung’s part.
  • Yoon Seung Ah (All My Love, Hero) will star in the new drama Brains alongside Lee Sang Yoon, Lee Hyun Jin, and Jung Jin Young. She is the one girl among a cast of intelligent male surgeons. The drama will air in November.
  • Rain refuses to confirm or announce a set date for when he will enlist in the army. It’s been said that he’s received a notice to enlist in October, but refuses to confirm that it will be October 11. Reports have said that he will make his announcement on September 24 before his concert in Seoul, but Rain denied that, saying that he won’t brag about entering the military with a glorified press conference. HOWEVER, he does say that he will announce his date during the last public event before he has to go. Pfft. I think it’s better if you just don’t announce it. You will cause mass chaos on the streets as everyone rushes to bid you goodbye for two years.
  • Almost a year ago, S.H.E. member Selina Jen had gotten into a terrible set accident where she got burned on her arms and legs. Now, she reveals new photos of her in her wedding dress. The singer/actress is to marry her fiance Richard Chang on October 31, which is also her 30th birthday. The camera was angled specifically to not show the scars on her hands.

source: osen, asiae, dramabeans, star news, asianfanatics


5 thoughts on “News Bits: 9/16/11 Edition

  1. I’m glad Selina is ok now. And getting married on her birthday no less!
    Hope the same happy ending goes to Lee Ji Ah. (And Kang Ho Dong.)

  2. wow, I cant believe it’s not even been a year since Lee Ji Ah’s scandal…seems like forever ago, but I do still feel like it maybe a bit too early for a comeback as things are still so fresh for Korean audiences …I didn’t think she could be able to pick any projects for at least 2 years so I’m really surprised that she’s being considered but then again you can never under estimate the power of Yonsama in this biz
    I’m so glad that Selina is finally getting married, I wish her happiness, she really did go through a lot
    .btw Kae, I finally got to marathon Romance Town last week and really enjoyed the drama and your recaps..I really hadn’t been expecting anything from it so It really got me by surprise, It’s one of the best rom-coms this year (though only after Best Love)…my only gripe is that I think the drama should have been named as Money, Money, Money (or Dirty, Sexy Money..hehe) or something along those lines instead of Romance Town since ultimately it was all about the money…I still cant believe this came from the same the production team that made Pasta (uber boring story though cute cast)….then again you can whip lots of drama with wealth and money as a theme as opposed to um, Pasta

  3. I would love to watch “Return of the Queen” if Lee Ji Ah is in it. Well, I honestly don’t mind who the actress is because the pairing of the production team is already has me set on watching it. If the story is about a woman who finds herself in the midst of a divorce and must learn to reinvent herself while dating a costar coworker like you said, would be mighty fun. It’d be to risky though and I think Seo Taiji might sue them. Maybe in some many years later we can watch a drama like this.

  4. From experience, Selina shouldn’t get married on her birthday. It ruins her one special day. Anniversaries have to be shared, birthdays don’t. I married on my birthday and now I’m divorced so I get that fun reminder every year on my birthday. But even if she doesn’t get divorced, she will have to share her day. Its not all that grand…even if you love the person you have to share the day with.

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