Kang Ho Dong’s Early Retirement

Kang Ho Dong has announced an early retirement from showbiz.

OK – it’s probably only temporary, but it does affect four shows that he’s currently on: 1 Night 2 Days, Star King, Golden Fishery, and Strong Heart. Even though 1 Night 2 Days is about to end in a few months, it has 5 other members to rely on to carry on the show. What to do about the rest of the shows that rely on him as an MC? Their fates are up in the air for now, while Kang must deal with the public embarrassment of being investigated by the Korean IRS on tax evasion. He announced that he will use the retirement to reflect on his actions, acknowledging the number of antis he now has due to this controversy.

While I’m sad to see him go because of a controversy, I’m not THAT sad to see him leave 1 Night 2 Days. Admittedly, I have not checked out his other shows, and yes, he might be awesome on those. I still feel bad for him. However, I think 1 Night 2 Days is going to survive just as well without him. Lee Su Geun and Lee Seung Gi are more than ready to take the mantle from him, and sometimes I feel like they already are trying to. I won’t miss him there.

Maybe some time off will allow him to reconnect with his son, and his baby boy might pay more attention to him than Pororo for once.

sources: star news, allkpop


2 thoughts on “Kang Ho Dong’s Early Retirement

  1. I think people tend to overlook how Hodong plays a key role in 1n2d. IMO, it would be very short-sighted of you to claim that the show would do as well without him. As the show’s main MC, and anchor, it would feel weird to not have him around, to not have him provide a certain sense of direction for the MCs. I’m not saying Sugeun and Seung-gi are incapable of leading a show well. However, previous incidents have shown how weird the members feel without him to lead them. This missing presence felt by the host will thus be translated onto the viewers. The hosts themselves are not uneasy; thus the viewers would be uneasy as well. No one knows whether the show will survive. I’m not saying it would die. The show might survive, but as for doing AS WELL AS it is doing with Hodong in it would be a misleading statement. =)

    • My comment on the show doing well without him was merely my opinion as a viewer. I personally don’t mind if he is gone, but I understand that the show and viewers may feel lost without him. He is one of the most scripted members in the group in the sense that he leads the episode. However I personally am sick of his presence and “big personality”. Others can disagree.

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