Birdie Buddy: Episode 9-10

Finally! We move forward! While last week had plenty of developments on the Hae Ryung front, I felt like we could have moved on after getting all those hints that Joon Mo is Hae Ryung’s father. I wanted Mi Soo to move on from her constant wishy-washy-ness and just be a golfing pro already.

I know this isn’t the most popular of series, so I’m considering in making the recaps shorter and more concise.

Hae Ryung achieves that inner peace and gets the ball in. She wins the tournament, and Joon Mo quickly grabs a bottle of champagne and celebrates on the field with her. Mother Dear is jealous as heck.

Kyung Hwan gets off with just a warning for his misdemeanor on the field and the family heads home… only to find Jung Woo waiting to greet them. He tries to jog the dad’s memory by wearing a rag on his head, and it’s only partly successful. True purpose of his visit is to tell Mi Soo to stop being so wishy-washy about golf.

Celebratory dinner that evening, and Hae Ryung is just going through the motions as she eats with Jung Woo, her mother, Jung Ran, and Danny. Suddenly Joon Mo goes up onstage at the hotel’s bar and says that he’ll be singing on a dare by the hotel staff, who won’t give him a pricey bottle of wine. He dedicates the song to Hae Ryung, and she’s visibly cheered up. He joins them for dinner and he orders the same food as she does, but notes to the waiter that he’s allergic to cucumbers. Funny – so is Hae Ryung!

The truth is getting closer to the surface, and Sae Hwa leaves the table. Jung Ran privately tells her to just admit that Joon Mo is the father as this would be a good time, but Sae Hwa refuses. Little do they know, Hae Ryung overheard it all. She goes to Jung Woo and cries, admitting the truth to him but unable to process and understand what she should do with that information.

Tae Gab grabs Mi Soo that evening for a drink and tells her to stop being a dutiful daughter and just go be a pro. She’s still stubborn and refuses to. He remains at the restaurant getting drunk, and Gong Sook joins belatedly, seeing Mi Soo stomp off instead. Gong Sook TOTALLY likes Tae Gab, and she even offers to help him find a job at the resort.

One of the last straws that convinces Mi Soo to go to the training camp with her sponsor Pil Soo is when her father drags her to the coal mine and asks her to start hitting the golf balls into the steel towers. Her mother and Tae Gab send her off.

Pil Soo and Mi Soo struggle their way up through the forest and mountain, sparking her suspicions on whether this is the real deal or not. They arrive at Fabian’s home, and Pil Soo presents the protegee. Fabian’s disinterested, but Mi Soo decides to show him her swing. It’s an amazing swing, and on top of that she adds on the cute. Instead of sending her back, Fabian just turns away and goes inside his home.

It gets dark, and Mi Soo is still waiting outside his home. He grudgingly lets her into the house, especially after she promises to wake early and work hard. He feeds her a simple meal, and then she goes to sleep with her golf club, snoring away.

The next morning, Fabian wakes Mi Soo up. Her first order of business is to collect water from the stream below so that they can cook rice. Of course it takes her a while to get there because it’s not as near as Fabian says it is, and she has difficulty bringing it back up. But once she returns, she finds Fabian already eating rice!! She’s so mad that he’s eating already, that when he offers her the food, she snatches it eagerly.

Next task: collect all edible plants in the forest to eat. Mi Soo collects everything thinking that they’re all edible versions of the plants she knows, but just one taste has them both spitting it out immediately. He then tells her to get water again before night falls.

Hae Ryung and Sae Hwa have dinner with Jay Park, and during that dinner, Hae Ryung’s frustrations about her absentee father arise again. Jay Park smiles inwardly; he will use Hae Ryung’s emotional instability to his advantage. Hae Ryung runs off to Jung Woo again and gets drunk over some wine, crying about her desire for a father. Like a good friend/almost lover, he holds her steady with a back hug.

He brings her back to the hotel and with Danny’s help, they both try to get her up to her room. They bump into Joon Mo on the way, and she insists on drinking beer with him. In his carefree way he turns her down, saying that next time both should get drunk together at the same time.

Hae Ryung makes her way to Sae Hwa’s home and once again mentions her father. She names Joon Mo, but Sae Hwa denies it. Only she is Hae Ryung’s mother AND father; Joon Mo is just an ex. Of course, Danny overhears this too (and Danny most likely has a deep-seated one-sided love for Sae Hwa).

The next morning, Danny goes to see Joon Mo, aware that the man is most likely Hae Ryung’s father. He expresses admiration for the man, but doesn’t let on what he knows. Meanwhile, Tae Gab got a night shift job at the resort thanks to Gong Sook’s help, so he promises to take care of the dad during the day, and the mother can take care of the dad at night.

Mi Soo is frustrated that she hasn’t been able to learn any bit of golf her entire time at Fabian’s so far, so she packs up one evening and sets out. Thing is, she doesn’t really know the woods too well so she gets lost easily. She finds herself on top of a cliff at dawn and takes in the breathtaking view. Remembering her promise to her family to succeed, she goes back to Fabian’s.

The morning after Hae Ryung is drunk, she also heads out to another tournament with Jung Woo. She’s supposed to go with Sae Hwa and Danny, but she ditched them in favor of a lean entourage. This is what Jay Park is also thinking about; he knows that Hae Ryung is feeling so unstable that she might not do well in this tournament, and therefore he decides to bet against her.

The next task for Mi Soo is to chop down a tree. Fabian looks on silently and makes note of how well she chops; she swings the axe as if it were a golf club, and maintains a proper stance. However, she still wants to start learning golf, and starts doubting whether Fabian can play at all. He picks up his makeshift golf club, sets her golf ball on the floor, and gives her a rock to throw. He tells her to throw it as far as she can, and then he swings the golf club. The golf ball flies in the path of the rock, hits it, and the two veer off into separate paths.

Mi Soo is stunned.

As for the tournament, Hae Ryung does her first tee shot at the first hole. It’s clear she’s not in top shape. She swings and hits – and the golf ball ends up in the water.


3 thoughts on “Birdie Buddy: Episode 9-10

  1. I always read ur recaps since its really good!!!!! so please still continue it!!! 🙂
    can’t wait for ep 11 & 12!!!!!! eeekkkk!!!! 🙂

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