News Bits: 9/8/11 Edition

Anyone in need of a quick Full House fix? Entire series is up on DramaFever. Let the memories begin! “Gom-semari-ga han-jib-e-isseo…”

  • I admit that my random jaunt into the world of The Princess’ Man was short-lived last week, and I don’t know if I’m going to even try and catch up to it this week. However, I really can’t resist Park Shi Hoo‘s smile, especially when he’s all dressed up in those dark assassin outfits but smiling so sunnily. At the sight of Moon Chae Won in a bright pink hanbok, I think it’s safe to assume she survived the arrow shot, no? The photo is of the two actors greeting fans and viewers Happy Chuseok.

  • Jang Geun Suk denied rumors that he’s gotten involved with a Japanese model, Makimu. Both parties have stated that they’re not dating each other, and Jang Geun Suk’s agency has added he’s not dating anyone at all. I feel like the Japanese media are just trying to stir up some scandal since he’s becoming more active in Japan. But! Here’s a teaser of his film “You’re My Pet” with Kim Ha Neul. And GOSH it’s adorable to see him act so annoyingly charming around Kim – ESPECIALLY his last line in this trailer.
  • Lee Ki Woo (Star’s Lover, Kid Gang) will make his first drama comeback in the Jung Il Woo drama Flower Boy Ramen Shop. He just got out of the army on September 1. The drama will air after Birdie Buddy in October. Meh. If he is the “Kim Hyun Joong” to Jung Il Woo’s “Lee Min Ho“, I’m going to be sorely disappointed.
  • Protect the Boss has been doing so well in ratings that the series will be extended by an additional two episodes, bringing the total to 18. That means the Jang Hyuk drama Tree Without Deep Roots will be pushed back into beginning of October.
  • Na Mun Hee – the infamous grandmother in a bunch of dramas, but especially Unstoppable High Kick – will play Jung Woo Sung’s mother in Ppadam Ppadam. She is the latest casting news to come out for that melodrama set to air on JTBC in December.

source: newsen, dramafever, asiae, dramabeans, youtube, osen



2 thoughts on “News Bits: 9/8/11 Edition

  1. An extension for PtB? I don’t know whether to rejoice or wince. I do trust the writer/s, but I think it’s chancy to add more episodes this late in the game.

  2. I do admit it would be pretty agonizing to watch TPM from ep1 knowing that SO MUCH has happened since. So i don’t blame ya. But PSH is definitely sure to fly you through it. He is amazingnessss (and gorgeous) as everrr. Plus, the story is enough to keep you grounded once conflict starts to play out.~~ TPMers are sensing PSH having a crush on MCW, but i still stand firm on my Seo Byun x Hye Ri OTP. lol

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