News Bits: 9/6/11 Edition

Looks like it might be good for Kang Ho Dong if “2 Days 1 Night” took a break. He’s currently been under investigation for tax evasion. Kang publicly apologized for this and was fined hundreds of millions of Won for his crime. Of course, this made netizens and many viewers angry and disappointed.

  • Kim Heechul of Super Junior has now left for the army. He was assigned to be a public service worker for his army stint, and is currently in Nonsan military camp to complete his training. All I can say is, he looks mighty different without his trademark long hair.

  • The Seoul International Drama Awards (SDA 2011) was held a few days ago, and director Shin Woo Chul of Secret Garden won the best director award for his work. Good for him!
  • Song Seung Hoon managed to make the headlines just by being spotted wearing a snazzy white tracksuit in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province. He looks like a speed racer to me, but plenty of fans swooned at the sight of how “perfect” he looked. Judge for yourself.
  • Someone compiled a collection of photographs of stars when they were younger and graduating from school. It just goes to prove to you how many have gotten surgery, and how many haven’t. Lee Yo Won looks shockingly the same, considering that her photo is from when she was quite young, her face hasn’t really changed very much. Moon Chae Won shows that she’s had big eyes from when she was young, while Kim Ha Neul has the same face, but a more fresh and innocent appeal. (Her currently longer hair just screams “sexy” compared to her past photo.)
  • Ariel Lin recently announced that she would be taking a hiatus from Taiwanese dramas. Reports have made up rumors about her boyfriend (that he’s been previously married and has a child), and have cast a negative light to her latest drama In Time With You. Lin denied these reports, and added that because of her brain cyst surgery three years ago, her health is not what it used to be. She will focus on movies for now, which are shorter term, and spend more time with her family.

sources: nate, newsen, soompi, asiae, star news, Korea Yahoo, asianfanatics



One thought on “News Bits: 9/6/11 Edition

  1. Oh my god ..Lee Da Hae is sooo fake ! O_O

    Poor Ariel Lin I didn’t know about her surgery (not plastic surgery XD!) I can’t wait to see her new drama..the trailer gave me a good feeling!

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