Birdie Buddy: Episode 8

Completely irate with her mother and brother for keeping her father’s condition from her, Mi Soo swears that she’s not going to leave her father (who can only remember Mi Soo the best). She stomps outside and tells her sponsor that she quits golf.

She can be so wishy-washy at times.

Yang Ling and Min Hae Ryung hold a press conference, and the antagonism between the two is palpable. After all, Yang Ling hates being compared to Hae Ryung, and Hae Ryung couldn’t care less about this competition.

Jay Park is also there at this press conference, which piques Reporter Park Eun Joo’s curiosity. She sneaks out the back and snaps a few pictures of Jay Park. His secretary steps in to confiscate the camera but Jay Park stops him. Why would Eun Joo be so interested in the “behind the scenes” of the match? Sae Hwa is displeased with Eun Joo, but also warns Jay Park that she’s one of the most well known golf journalists in Korea.

Eun Joo promises to set up an appointment with him and do an in-depth interview.

Mi Soo’s sponsor goes to see Jung Woo and tells him that Mi Soo dropped out because of her father. Jung Woo is ready to go confront her, but his friend stops him – didn’t he not want Mi Soo to know that he was involved?

Mi Soo is wracked with guilt; her desire to play golf led to her father leaving the family for the ship, which then led to his subsequent injury, which now made him completely addled in the brain. Though her brother tells her to go and make her father proud by being a golfer (so that his efforts wouldn’t be wasted), she can’t bring herself to do that.

Instead, she now becomes his caretaker, taking him to the hospital for tests. It’ll take a while, and plenty of medicine and treatments before he can even hope to become normal.

Joon Mo catches Hae Ryung at practice again and encourages her to walk barefoot, so that she can feel the grass, and the gentle rolling bumps in the course that go unseen to the naked eye. Hae Ryung has warmed up to him considerably, so she takes his advice, and enjoys the completely new way of experiencing the golf course. With her new-found knowledge of the few feet between her ball and the hole, Hae Ryung maps out a new course for her ball, and lets it land smoothly into the hole.

She has dinner with her mother that evening and asks whether her mother will ever marry Danny. Sae Hwa had always changed men around her until Danny came along. She doesn’t want her mother to make him wait any longer, but Sae Hwa isn’t really interested. She doesn’t need a man. Hae Ryung then mentions that the new greens keeper is an interesting guy. Mom’s face isn’t too happy that they’re getting close.

Sae Hwa wants Joon Mo fired, but Danny resists. He doesn’t know the history, and so he merely argues that Joon Mo is fully qualified and can truly help them. It’s unfair to fire him if she’s never even spoken to the guy about the improvements on the golf course.

Hae Ryung visits Joon Mo as he tests the speed of the grass. He has placed a bet on her to win the match, and she promises to win for him. She then notices a unique ball marker – a small metal design with a faded photo of a woman. The initials in the back are SH. He admits that it’s someone he used to love.

Hae Ryung asks what happened, and he says he doesn’t know what happened either. It was just in one day he lost his job and the love of his life. He asks for the marker back.

Joon Mo presents his plans for golf course improvements, and Sae Hwa is mostly disinterested. She tells him to do whatever he wants, and to talk to Danny instead of her for all future plans.

Jung Woo goes to the courses and sees Mi Soo’s mother by the resort. He asks for a favor – that she bring Mi Soo to the Yang Ling-Hae Ryung match no matter what. They will need to convince Mi Soo to come back to golf.

The match begins, and the two golf stars greet the media. Hae Ryung gives a special nod and wave to Joon Mo, which makes Sae Hwa unhappy again. The rules are announced – it will be a three-golf-club tournament. Yang Ling chooses a putter, a pitching wedge, and her trademark 3-wood club (which is her best club). Hae Ryung is about to choose, when Jung Woo stops her. He will choose her clubs – a 56-degree wedge, a 6 iron, and a driver. This is surprising because a driver is only helpful for the tee shot, and Hae Ryung is best with a putter.

Because of Hae Ryung’s club picks, the odds for Yang Ling winning go up favorably. Jay Park has his assistant bet 6 million on Hae Ryung in Hong Kong (where 93% believe that Yang Ling will win), because he believes in Jung Woo. Hmm…

Mother has to drag Mi Soo and Kyung Hwan to the resort to watch the match. Apparently, Mi Soo plays exactly like Yang Ling, so she needs to observe this match and learn how to defeat Hae Ryung. Mi Soo refuses to watch initially, but her father gets really excited. In his mind, he still thinks Mi Soo is a great golfer and wants to go pro. So they go to the green and watch. They initially attract attention because of Kyung Hwan’s yells, but he quiets down once the match starts.

Jung Woo spots Mi Soo from a distance, and the moment he sees her, he can’t keep his eyes off her.

Hae Ryung and Yang Ling are tied for the longest time, but she manages to pull ahead by the 14th hole. Her mother decides to celebrate early, and chooses a visor (initialed with “S.H. Min”) to wear out of her many hats. It’s like she had to choose a special celebratory hat to wear.

At the 17th hole, Yang Ling does an alright first shot, but when Hae Ryung comes up to tee off, she sees her mother and the hat. She notices the initials, and the moment she swings, she realizes that her mother just might be the ‘SH’ that Joon Mo loved. Her swing goes awry, and heads towards the gallery. It’s about to hit Kyung Hwan, but he quickly blocks it away with a lady’s umbrella. The ball falls back into the course.

Because it’s in the course, it could still be at play. However, with his childlike mind, Kyung Hwan rushes forward and picks up the ball.

The security and Mi Soo start chasing after Kyung Hwan, and his ruckus even makes it to the live feed of the show. Mother is watching from the resort kitchens and she immediately rushes out. Kyung Hwan is finally tackled, and Mi Soo pushes everyone away. She gently asks for the golf ball, and he slowly hands it back to her, holding her hand as well. Guess he wants Mi Soo to continue golfing!

Security must escort Kyung Hwan out of the golf course and hand him over to the police. It’s just protocol to hand him over, even if he’ll be let off because of his psychological condition.

The referee determines that the ball can still be used in play, and they drop it back to where it originally was. Hae Ryung recovers from this mistake.

At the 18th hole, Yang Ling attempts an eagle shot, but ends up with just a birdie. Hae Ryung however needs to get the ball in in her next shot to win the game. She eyes the grass, but doesn’t feel satisfied with what she thinks should be the path of the ball. She removes her shoes and her socks.

Gasps from all around.

She feels the grass course, and goes back to her ball marker. Hae Ryung now knows exactly what path her ball should take.


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