Birdie Buddy: Episode 7

The focus of episodes 7-8 is admittedly more about Hae Ryung than about Mi Soo. However, it’s so interesting for me to be engrossed about a secondary character that is a rival to our lead, and still not hate her. I usually have very little interest in secondary characters, but Hae Ryung’s character is thankfully complex with her mysterious background.

It’s a little crazy though how everyone is so closely connected.

Mi Soo returns home and starts training with her mother and old coach again, much to everyone’s delight.

Meanwhile, Jung Woo is still hung up on the idea of training Mi Soo himself, which puzzles Hae Ryung. Jung Woo believes that Mi Soo can do what he couldn’t do (which has to do with the so-called “Fabian Swing”), and looks at his scar regretfully. Hae Ryung grabs his wrist, and decides to seize the night – and kiss him.

Of course, Mi Soo happens to be coming by for a visit, and witnesses the scene.

She sees Jung Woo gently push Hae Ryung away, and then hug her instead. Of course, Mi Soo is unsettled, and she does think he’s a pervert as she walks home.

Jung Woo tells Hae Ryung that he is only her coach, and she hugs him tighter. Wow – talk about mixed signals!

Sae Hwa has also organized (with Jay Park’s help) a match between Hae Ryung and LPGA’s top golfer Yang Ling, a prodigy from China. It would be a high profile match just between the two of them. Unfortunately, when Hae Ryung is asked by an interviewer as to what keeps her focused, she says, “There are some extremely personal rules for me (to live by). For example, as long as I’m alive, I can never say the word ‘dad.’ I can’t be curious either.”

That sends of a media maelstrom about who the identity of Hae Ryung’s father is. Sae Hwa is highly displeased, and quickly sets her men to do some damage control.

At the time of this interview, Danny is in the airport picking up the new greens keeper, Stephan Woo. He is surprised to find out that the world-renowned greens keeper is also Korean – Woo Joon Mo. He has an eclectic way of examining the greens, and is a little hippie in his style, but never doubt his precision and capabilities.

He introduces himself to Jung Woo and Hae Ryung, who are on the course practicing, and Jung Woo is more than impressed. Hae Ryung on the other hand is indifferent.

Jung Woo is still trying to become Mi Soo’s coach, but by now his reputation as a Casanova has reached Mi Soo and her mother’s ears. They’re not too keen on him helping her, and neither is her former coach, so Jung Woo enlists his friend to help convince Mi Soo. His friend poses as a sponsor for Mi Soo; he will help her train with the best coaches, and in return she must use his specially made golf clubs for several years after she debuts as a pro.

Her family quickly agree to the terms; it’s an opportunity they can’t pass up!

But her family also gets some bad news. Mi Soo’s father Kyung Hwan is back! But addled and in the police station. During a particularly bad storm on the sea, Kyung Hwan had been knocked back by a wave and his head was severely injured when it knocked into some steel canisters. He has reverted back to a child-like state, and can’t ever be left alone. He got into some trouble, which led to him being taken in by the police.

Tae Gab and Mother are the first to discover his condition, and they decide to leave Kyung Hwan at Joong Ki’s for the time being. They don’t want Mi Soo to find out because she’s about to leave for the training camp in a few days, and if she knew about her father’s condition, she would give up her dream all over again.

One evening, Hae Ryung practices her putts, and Woo Joon Mo comes up to her. He is barefoot, and comments on how well she manages to see the path the ball should go. He can see it too… At the same time, Danny informs Sae Hwa that Stephan Woo is actually Woo Joon Mo, and suddenly her expression tightens. DADDY ALERT!

The next morning, Joon Mo and Hae Ryung are jogging in opposite directions, and they stop to greet each other. Joon Mo boldly asks to listen what her music is, and then offers to trade MP3’s. They run together in the same direction.

Jung Ran also comes to see Joon Mo in the midst of his analysis of the course, and CLEARLY they know each other. (Gah – ONE MORE CONNECTION!) She tells him to go see Sae Hwa. Like, now.

So he does, and he comments on how beautiful she still looks. She never knew he was Stephan Woo, the renowned greens keeper, but he knew she was the president of this resort. She wants to know why he came, and he says that it’s only because he wants to see Korea host a major golf competition. He thinks that Sae Hwa’s golf course can do just that. He has no other ulterior motives.

HAH! Ok… we’ll see about that!

Meanwhile, Mi Soo prepares to leave for the camp. Her mother is holding back her grief about Kyung Hwan, and passing it off as “being sad to see her daughter go.”

Mi Soo is already on her way out when suddenly she hears someone call her name. It’s her father, who has broken free from Joong Ki’s house. And he’s definitely not looking sane to Mi Soo…


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