Seoul Adventures: The Final Days 5-7

Song Seung Hoon, JYJ, Hyun Bin, Choi Ji Woo (lucky girl), and Jang Geun Suk. Geunnie, one could really get sick of your face after a while if you’re literally EVERYWHERE in Seoul. 

I’m sorry I haven’t updated more frequently. But my last few days of stay were less about sightseeing so I didn’t have many photos to show off. Plenty of night shots though!

I am sorry to say that I’m leaving, but it was quite the adventure. As my departure date neared, my Korean got lazier and lazier, and I no longer wanted to make an effort to communicate. However, it was fun navigating through Seoul with my broken Korean.

In this last batch, I visit Coex, Dongdaemun at night, Coex Aquarium, and Incheon airport. Arriving at Incheon isn’t glamorous. Leaving Incheon is, and I think it’s point is to leave a beautiful, lasting impression of the country and make you never want to leave Korea.

Thing is… it looks like the Pudong International Airport in Shanghai. I had an intense deja-vu moment and forgot where I was.

Coex at night! Coex during the day is the same thing – just imagine daylight. And more business people.

Coex mall has several exits, a couple of which lead to an open air atrium. Inside, there’s so many halls and “squares” that it’s quite easy to get lost. I have definitely made U-turns in the same halls just trying to figure out which way I want to go.

Dongdaemun at night. It is decidedly more active at night, and riddled with pojangmachas. In the above right picture, there’s even a ride where it spins and bumps up and down depending on the DJ’s whim and music he plays.

Jajjangmyun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ‘Nuff said.

I bought Banana Milk! Wanted to know what the fuss was all about ever since Lee Min Ho advertised it. I think the fuss is more about Lee Min Ho than the drink. It tastes literally like banana + whole milk + extra sugar. Sweet, tasty, but it’s banana. milk.

I didn’t do the dance as I approached the fridge for it though.

Coex Aquarium! Plenty of little school kids and older students who were there for lessons or field trip. Me? Uhh… I just wanted to see an aquarium? Definitely walked through that underwater tunnel, which apparently was featured in My Lovely Sam Soon. It’s a LOT smaller than it looks in the drama. But really cool aquarium overall.

Hi Dory! Hi Nemo! Hi Sad Cow Bullhorn…


They had some pretty unique exhibits for the fish too, like a fish in the toilet, fish in a laundry machine, crabs in a refrigerator… but they all looked so lonely…

The above left fish was HUMONGOUS. Really – I don’t know why you have to be that size… Mr. Crocodile wasn’t too photo-friendly. When he saw that I was about to take a picture, he immediately closed his eyes (perhaps in preparation of the flash?) and sank below the water surface.

So I was going to put my hand in… but then a whole swarm of these “doctor fish” came rushing up towards it that I freaked out! I couldn’t put it in, not even for a million dollars. It was too frightening to see so many fishies that wanted to eat my dead skin… (At least I think that’s what they wanted…)


JYP head offices. It’s in Cheongdam-dong, and I didn’t see any stars (or bother waiting for any). It’s in a back street, so the street is really narrow. It’s so unimpressive in real life because there’s nothing to see around there except some restaurants, the back of apartments and the back of some hotels.

I walked out a little further on Yeongdong Bridge, and so here is a view from the bridge overlooking the river and looking towards Ttukseom Park. This was taken from the Gangnam/Cheongdam-dong side of the river (South Seoul).

I had this awesome kimchi jjigae on my last night at Seoul. Literally, it’s the only thing the restaurant serves. As soon as you sit down, the ahjumma plunks down a pot of jjigae and you can either get it with ramen or rice. (I got rice.) So yummy – not too spicy, and flavorful. Only complaint? I got two pieces of tofu. What the hell man!

The famous Incheon airport, which by the way IS as sleek as it looks in dramas. Except dramas have way less people than the airport REALLY does. Usually, if you go to a drama location, it’s quite underwhelming and looks better in the drama than in person. But Incheon airport is sleek and clean. It just looks a lot like Pudong International Airport.

I could imagine plenty of male leads chasing after their loved one, making sure she doesn’t leave him behind because of a stupid misunderstanding.

One of the unique things Incheon has is a cultural presentation. There is a parade of the king and his entourage strolling through the terminal rather than an imperial garden (which makes for a weird juxtaposing image). They show it about 4 times a day in different hours.

And that was my trip to Seoul!

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4 thoughts on “Seoul Adventures: The Final Days 5-7

  1. ahhhh thank you for sharing your vacation with us… i had a blast reading through them and looking at the pictures….. wish I could visit SK someday…

  2. Mmm…kimchi jjigae! I love that stuff. It’s my comfort food, actually.

    Looks like you had a really fun trip! I’m jealous. Despite living there, I’ve never been to any of those places, except the airport. Too busy doing other things. But I’ll be there next summer, and you can bet I’ll be wandering around to my heart’s content. ^_^ Thanks for sharing, kaedejun!

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