The Princess’ Man: Episode 14 – Live Recap

I have been wanting to do this ALL WEEK ever since I got to Seoul – to sit down in front of a TV, watch a Korean drama as it airs IN KOREA, have no idea what’s going on in the story, and just write a “recap.”

Sorry though – there won’t be many screencaps. I can’t exactly screencap a TV. Also the story most likely will be completely wrong.

So here goes!

My man Park Shi Hoo is now working as a laborer, or pretending to be one, and it appears that he has fallen from status, and from the rest of the world. His friends and most importantly Se Ryung (Moon Chae Won) have no idea where he is.

However, he’s actually delivering goods to Se Ryung’s house, because she’s getting married! Of course she’s heartbroken. On the way inside the house, he covers himself from Jung Jong, who thinks he sees him, but doesn’t.

Se Ryung broods in her room. Seung Yoo sneaks into her room from behind and kidnaps her. Hell yeah – that’s how you stop your love from getting married to your best friend Shin Myun.

Her father becomes impatient and worried that she’s not coming out for the ceremony. The mother finally bursts into the room and finds it empty. Some signs of a struggle.

Seung Yoo carries her out in a cloth bag and bumps into a real worker, who becomes suspicious. Seung Yoo beats the guy before he can find out it’s a person in the bag, and runs off. By the time Se Ryung’s father is heading over to find out what happened, the laborer has revived and informs them that someone seems to have kidnapped her.

Shin Myun angrily stomps off and leads his men to find his betrothed. Guy with Beard looks disconcerted at the yard when he realizes the wedding isn’t happening. He and Jung Jong are informed of Se Ryung’s disappearance, which makes it very troubling. Maybe Guy with Beard is Shin Myun’s father…?

Se Ryung’s father makes up an excuse that his daughter has run off to the library all of a sudden and so the wedding will have to be canceled. I guess in Joseon dynasty, saying that you’re going to the library instead of being with a boy was a common lie too…

In a far enough market, Seung Yoo carries Se Ryung to a barn in some inn that he’s staying at like a sack of rice. He opens the bag, and finally reveals himself to her, but she’s too disoriented to notice. He then ties her up to a pole so she can’t run off, and he glares at her rather than looks at her lovingly. Geez, whatchoo planning to do man?

He locks up the barn from outside and then goes up to the owners of the inn, now dressed in black like an assassin. He’s got a favor to ask for, and then something happens, and the husband has this confused look on his face. And then I guess he asks to borrow an office room, and writes a letter to Suyang – Se Ryung’s father.

Suyang and his henchmen gather in his room to muse over who would take Se Ryung, and I’m assuming that they think Seung Yoo is dead, or impossibly far away. Old men talk, sigh, and pout. Boring.

Now we’re with the princess Kyung Hye, who’s quite worried. Jung Jong informs her of Se Ryung’s disappearance, and a friend of theirs – whom I think is Lee Gae – seem to be on their side.Jung Jong suddenly remembers he MIGHT have seen Seung Yoo – so perhaps it was Seung Yoo who took her? This trio looks to be on the side of love – they care for Seung Yoo and Se Ryung pairing more than politics. However, Suyang suspects him and gets Lee Gae arrested.

Kyung Hye and Jung Jong report to her brother Danjong, who is the new king. Jung Jong reports something, which makes the boy king angry that he never said anything earlier in the first place.

Se Ryung finally awakes in the barn and of course she can’t get free. Meanwhile Seung Yoo is cleaning his sword in the common room of the inn. One of the common gisaengs there asks his friend to put a couple of stools in the barn, but Seung Yoo takes them instead. Everyone wonders what his deal is…

Se Ryung manages to get the ropes off her hands, but then she hears someone approaching. She grabs a piece of splintered wood and then closes her eyes, pretending she’s asleep. But as soon as Seung Yoo turns around, she gets up and attacks.

He stops her, and she’s TOO SHOCKED to do anything. She can’t even do anything but stare as he ties her up again. And then she keeps talking in formal speech which drives me nuts because I can’t understand formal speech. Then Seung Yoo says “Seung Yoo (you knew) no longer exists.” He wants revenge against her father, and is doing it through her. I’m assuming it’s because Suyang killed his father.

He tells her to just wait – he’ll really kill her. She calls out, and then he grabs her throat tightly. he binds the rope around her mouth again and throws her down on the floor. Damn – the INTENSITY in his eyes!

He locks the barn again, but doesn’t even put the stools away, and little does he know, the husband/boss of the inn saw him come out.

That evening Shin Myun and his men arrive at the inn Seung Yoo is at. He sends his men inside to search the place. The husband/wife owners want to know what he wants, and say there’s no such person in the place. I think they mean Seung Yoo, because next thing you know, his friend is shaking and the husband grabs his hand to stop shaking.

Seung Yoo hides in the floorboards, barely escaping from view. The husband owner overhears the guards wondering whether Se Ryung could be around, and that’s when he realizes who’s in the barn.

Se Ryung can see Shin Myun outside the barn, and as he approaches closer, suddenly Seung Yoo’s friend dashes across, as if he’s running away guiltily. That causes Shin Myun to make chase, and gives a chance for Seung Yoo to get Se Ryung. However, the moment they get out, the husband owner catches them. He sent the friend to be decoy.

They put Se Ryung in a room, and the husband wants to know if Seung Yoo really kidnapped Suyang’s daughter. He’s angry that Seung Yoo would do such a foolish thing and mentions his father. Seung Yoo doesn’t want to hear anything about his father.

The friend comes back, clueless on why it seems that the two were fighting, and why he had to go running.

Seung Yoo gives Se Ryung clothes to change into, and orders her to change or he’ll kill her. She can only stare at him, so he rips off her top shirt and a bag with broken jade pieces falls out. That reminds him of their encounter, where she promised to find it – maybe? She bends over to pick up the pieces. She’s always kept him near her heart and that makes him waver in a way, so he has to look away angrily and tell her to shut up, because, you know – he is now a cold-hearted bad ass lead guy.

Now dressed in more simple clothes, the two go out to the stables. Seung Yoo is about to untie a horse when Se Ryung grabs him back before Shin Myun can see him. She basically saved his ass, but he shrugs off her hold, and they ride off into the forest. He won’t tell her where they’re going though, and just ties her hands together.

They leave the horse and start walking. She’s exhausted and a misstep sends her tumbling down the side of a hill. She rolls and hits a tree, and Seung Yoo watches her rather than helps her. She rolls upright and starts climbing up towards him.

That’s when he helps her up, and unties the rope from her hands.

I love how simple the imagery reflects their relationship.

They go into another house and borrow a room. They have a tense conversation, riddled with Seung Yoo’s hate for her father. She can’t say a word – but how could she anyways? She’s just taking in all of Seung Yoo’s misdirected anger, and honestly I feel like he can yell all he wants, but he should just kiss her…

And the second best thing happens! She grabs him and hugs him tightly! She can feel his pain, but he’s so resistant to her sympathy. He pushes her away, and puts a sword to her neck. However, he then spots the cut he gave her before (when he had choked her in episode 11) and then runs outside to brood.

They are separated by a door, and Se Ryung touches the shadow of his cheek from inside the room. And Seung Yoo can see her reaching out to him, but he turns away. Geez – SO MOODY! He gets up and leaves with his weapons.

Shin Myun reports his failure in getting her. A maid reports to Se Ryung’s siblings and mother about not finding her, and suddenly an arrow whizzes by with a letter for Suyang. It’s a threatening note. He makes a decision about something that surprises his henchmen and Shin Myun. Maybe he’ll pay the ransom? Maybe he’ll let his daughter run away with the man she loves?

Seung Yoo returns to their room in silence, and they sit in opposite sides of the room.

Morning comes, and Seung Yoo awakes to find Se Ryung gone. HAH. Idiot. She probably just went out to get breakfast. And yes she did!!! She comes back with a bowl of water. And he tosses it out of her hands. What the hell man. He ties her hands up again.

I think she wants him to stop tying her up but he scoffs. Again he explains her father’s misdeeds, and it seems she doesn’t know the extent of her father’s schemes. Ahs wells.

Suyang, meanwhile, is dressing up with armor under his clothes. He’s going to war – or at least expects a battle with Seung Yoo. He then sends Shin Myun and his men to go as his backup to the meeting place where he’s to meet with Seung Yoo. It comes as a surprise to Shin Myun, which makes me think that Seung Yoo had told the father not to bring backup or else Se Ryung dies.

Se Ryung and Seung Yoo walk along the river, heading to the meeting place, and I think she says she would leave her family for him. Pisses him off and he ties a rope around her mouth. Shin Myun and his men spot the two of them, and his hand shakes, wanting to kill her kidnapper, but he is stopped. Se Ryung doesn’t want him to do this confrontation, but the time is up, and no one has arrived. He points an arrow straight at Se Ryung’s heart.

Shin Myun grabs an arrow and points it at Seung Yoo too. Seung Yoo asks her where her father is now, and he’s really nowhere to be found. Dang – papa knows Seung Yoo won’t be able to kill her.

Se Ryung is ready to accept death, but then Suyang appears! Seung Yoo points the arrow at Suyang instead. He wants his daughter let go, and for Seung Yoo to take up his grievance with him instead. Seung Yoo’s hand shakes as Suyang inches closer to him, but he can’t seem to take the shot. He then lets it fly, and it hits Suyang in the waist. He teeters and pretends to be hit. But then he straightens up, and it’s clear Suyang isn’t dead – or close to it. They all stare in shock, and then Shin Myun lets his arrow fly towards Seung Yoo.

Se Ryung sees it, and then puts herself in front of the arrow. The arrow hits her in the back.



Oh my God – Park Shi Hoo is intense and awesome here. Not only is he being his usual hottie self, but he’s doing action, and being an intense and conflicted person. Whee~


8 thoughts on “The Princess’ Man: Episode 14 – Live Recap

  1. am so honored to be the first to read and comment about your awesome recap…. thank you… i like this angsty drama and i do appreciate you doing this amidst you vacay… komawo…

  2. Thanks for the recap ! But I want to point out that seungyoo didn’t give her a scar in ep 11. She gave that scar to herself by trying to save him from having his head cut off.

    I hope you’re enjoying this drama like I am! It’s intense!

    • HAHA – ok. I saw a rerun of episode 11 last night and was totally half-lucid. He seems to have an obsession with choking her.

      I love it – he owes her his life at least twice now. I never realized Juliet sacrificed herself so many times for Romeo.

      • Actually, Se Ryung attempted to save his life several times ( bandit, blood letter, the arrow). but I don’t consider the part where she puts a sword to her neck saving his life because Suyang didn’t want to budge. It just happened that Danjong decided to put him to exile.
        Se Ryung thought that her suicide attempt swayed her father :\
        I hope you’re having fun in Korea. I’m super jealous. If you see Park Shi Hoo, give him a hug. HEH.

  3. You’re hilarious, kaedejun! I commend you for doing a live recap on TPM– a drama you haven’t been keeping up with, i think. That was fun! Ep14 is one of the best episodes so far; Moon Chae Won just shines in this episode. I love Park Si Hoo’s angry, evil change in vocal tone in these last few episodes. Very sexy, despite the actual story’s circumstances.. XP I do love him best when he’s a broken, conflicted man. 😉 Btw, make sure you watch ep13… shirtless, sexy PSH! Weee~~! ^^

  4. Actually the excuse her family gives is that she got a stomach ache and can’t attend the wedding 🙂 but over all you are right about the episode! Thanks for this.

    PSH is amazing… his eyes tell all! Loving it.

  5. actually the cut on seryung’s neck wasnt a result from seungyoo’s choking in ep 11, it’s because seryung put a sword to her neck in idunnowhich episode, threatening her dad to spare seungyoo’s life. seungyoo ran out to brood because shinmyun once told him seryung used her own life to save his(seungyoo).

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