Seoul Adventures: Day 4

My days are nearing an end!! Sob*

This time, I was at Gangnam and Apgujeong. Gangnam is in the south side of the river, and known to be the more expensive side to Seoul. Apgujeong has all the fancy shops and whatnot (especially on Cheongdam-dong Fashion Street).

I took a walk there, Hangang Park, Ttukseom Park (a nice area where you can ride the swan boats seen in Lie to Me; also has plenty of steps and an esplanade, where all K-drama actors go to brood or make shady deals.

I also met some wonderful gals that evening and we all had a great time for dinner and at Ttukseom Park! Woohoo!

Cheongdamdong Fashion Street. Lots of fancy stores here…

For example – Louis Vuitton…

Or a plastic surgery clinic!!

The street right off of Apgujeong’s “Rodeo Drive.”

Jang Geun Suk again! This time in a store ad for Codes Combine. I swear – Jang is EVERYWHERE in Seoul. Then again, he is the city ambassador.

The Galleria – a fancy shmancy mall that’s split into two buildings, and has a huge highway/road running right through it.

Hangang Park. This was on the Gangnam side, and it was so shady. Like, shady because of trees, and shady because it was mostly deserted and it was dark. I felt like I could have gotten raped in this area. But if you walk further, you’ll pass by a high school, and so there would be a lot of students on the streets.

Plus, I feel like Heartstrings filmed here too – i.e. when Shin and Kyu Won did that walk of memories and then finally reunited in the last episode.

A shopping food stall in the middle of a train! I think this was at Cheongdamdong train stop, and one subway train was used to sell these specialty Korean dried goods as a promotional thing.

Doosan Tower at Dongdaemun, aka Doota. In my humble opinion, best shopping center in Dongdaemun. Dongdaemun isn’t the cheapest of areas (unless you buy in the stalls outside or bargain like heck, or buy in bulk) but they have really nice stuff – clothing, souvenir, and accessories-wise. Namdaemun is the cheapest market (both in quality and price) and Dongdaemun is above that. (With Myeongdong and Insadong above those too.)

Samgyupsal goodness!

Paddle boats on Han River!

A view of Han River at night.

The J-bug, a structure at Ttukseom Park that apparently showed up in IRIS. I vaguely remember the image but I seriously can’t remember what episode it was on or what scene it was for.

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7 thoughts on “Seoul Adventures: Day 4

  1. you’re so awesome to share all these… thank you… and am sad also now that your trip is nearing its end… take care…

  2. ooh the famous han river of k-dramas!Kaedejun I think u r one of the most luckiest person on this earth,these posts on ur vacay r very interesting,thanx a lot for letting us enjoy the most amazing little tidbits about korea through ur post,love it.:)Thanx again!Enjoy and have a wonderful vacay n return safely:)

  3. OMG!! Samgyupsal! I miss it soo much. I have been in search of a korean bbq place in Colorado so I can enjoy some Samgyupsal. But I haven’t found anything yet. Oh man!! And “rodeo drive” I found that place a few months before I left. They have a nice tanning place there and the Makeup Forever Store. Thank you for showing me what I miss the most!

  4. Yeah when I first saw that pic of Hangeng Park, I was thinking that it looked really familiar…and then I thought the same thing you did!

  5. Ooh..Han River looks so pretty. I think it looks the best at night.
    Would love to go shopping not for dresses but for souvenir items! haha.
    I guess you already got home by now. Hopefully you had fun while you’re in Seoul (I’m sure u did)
    thanks again!

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