Seoul Adventures: Day 3

Day 3 is decidedly more calm, and less pictures. Why? Because it was shopping day!

Places I went to: Hongdae, City Hall/Namdaemun, and Shinsegae (shopping mall).

First up – lunch. 콩국수 – Soy bean cold noodles. It’s quite tasty actually. I really enjoyed it. Hongdae was quite “dead” at noon – not many places were open, but most were bars too. But the streets were narrow, and felt very “Mary Stayed Out All Night”-ish. I definitely went at the wrong time of day, but you’re talking to a person who dislikes staying out late, drunk in a foreign city, so…

A glimpse of Hongdae.

Definitely saw more Cha Seung Won when I was in the City Hall area. Coincidence? I think not.

City Hall – currently getting seriously revamped.

Din Tai Fung in Seoul!? This is so cool! (For those who don’t know, Din Tai Fung is a famous Shanghai xiaolongbao restaurant. It has several branches, and I’m surprised to see it in Seoul.)

Namdaemun in the day – so this is how the market looks during the day. A little better, although I still think it’s overrated.

The bridges that connect several buildings in Namdaemun. Within those buildings are stalls where you can purchase a bunch of things – from souvenirs to bedsheets to kitchen ware to hanboks.

Steamed buns – they were MASSIVE. (outside of Namdaemun)

Shinsegae – one of the fancy shopping malls. Did you know the wife of Shinsegae’s CEO died in the floods about a month ago, when Seoul was hit with terrible flooding and monsoons?

Inside was gorgeous – I felt so out of my league in my cheap American Eagle dress and monstrously distressed messenger bag. Hippie for the win.

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4 thoughts on “Seoul Adventures: Day 3

  1. Omo Kaede thanks so much for posting this – will take notes to when I go – but I’m worried, I speak zero Korean, so does they understand english? – Or at least have indications in english for foreigners…

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