News Bits: 8/29/11 Edition

One more romance for the rumor mill: Lee Byung Hoon and Kim Min Hee (Love Marriage). Both their agencies denied any romance between the two. These rumors came up due to a very sizzling photo shoot for a children’s charity in Vogue magazine. The spread’s concept was “Love Actually.”

Really? Aren’t they actors that pretend they’re in love anyways?

  • In Korean news… there was a segment about the wages of actors. I’m no expert on Korean formal language heard in broadcasts BUT it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that they’re talking about some stars’ salaries – mainly Han Ye Seul. Now the actress famously walked off set (and off the country) this year, so one should wonder, how much does she command? Well, her salary is 30 million Won (approximately 28,000 USD). It doesn’t sound like much, but put it in perspective with other stars: Ha Ji Won, Choi Ji Woo, and Go Hyun Jung make around the same amount (with a little more for Go Hyun Jung). Bae Yong Joon commands 200 million Won (approx. 186,000 USD), Lee Byung Hoon gets about 100 million Won (approx. 93,000 USD), and Song Seung Hoon gets about 50 million Won (approx. 47,000 USD) with some extra percentage (probably a revenue share). In USD, the amount is measly, although I’m not sure if the salary is PER EPISODE or PER SERIES. If it’s per episode, these actors are getting paid quite well enough.
  • SNSD‘s Soo Young got into a car accident recently. The other driver that was involved was actually at fault for being negligent. She suffered a fracture and as a result was ordered to rest by the doctor. She would not be able to participate in SM Town Tokyo Dome and n upcoming concert in Taiwan.

sources: newsen, nate, KBS news


3 thoughts on “News Bits: 8/29/11 Edition

    • Yeah, I should think that getting paid a salary equivalent to the income of a normal, middle-class family in a week is doing pretty well.

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