Seoul Adventures: Day 2

The series continues! Places I visited: Bukchon and Samcheong-dong (think New York’s West Village/Chelsea), Unhyeongung (Palace), and Namsan Tower.

Highlight – I was out so late from Namsan that I ended up taking a cab back home. I tell him where I want to go in Korean (because that’s easier) and then he starts asking if I’m Korean. I say no – I’m American. AND HE GOES RATTLING OFF IN KOREAN STILL! I’d have expected him to stop talking to me because he thinks I have limited speaking skills, and I do! He goes and asks me a good many questions and I go “네” or “아니요” – guessing which is more appropriate. Then I go and explain that I know very little Korean, and he says he knows very little English.

Good – so we got that straightened out, yeah?

No! He goes on and starts explaining where we are and points out every major station we pass by. I do get to see Seoul Station and the first thing I think of is 49 Days. He even tells me about the Japanese tourists he’s had and how they were asking him to make an illegal U-turn (not that it matters because Seoul drivers are terrible and craaaaaazy). He then thought (or said to them): “Are you crazy?! You want to die!?” Made me laugh – IF I understood him correctly. And there’s a 50% chance I didn’t.

Anyways – enough blubbering. Pics it is!

Samgyupsal! Leaner, tastier than in New York. BEST. EVER.

Danpat-juk: red bean soup with chestnuts, dduk, cinnamon, dates (?) – anyways, it tastes SO GOOD. Best danpat-juk in Seoul apparently (located in Samcheong-dong). and it smelled HEAVENLY. So cinnamon-y.

Cheongwadae – The Blue House.

Bukchon – traditional Hanok village where the yangbans used to live.

Doggie!! You remind me so much of Uhm Tae Woong’s dog!

Recognize this? Yep – it’s the house in Personal Taste!

Recognize this? Yep – it’s the cafe Shin Eun Gyung frequented in Flames of Desire whenever she was threatening her sister(?). (I have fuzzy memories on how everyone was related in that drama….)

Recognize this?! Yep – it’s Choongang High School, where Choi Ji Woo, Park Yong Hwa, and Bae Yong Joon attended school in Winter Sonata.

Front gate to the school that Yoon Eun Hye and Joo Ji Hoon attended in Goong. It really is a school (but closed on weekends), but you know how the drama makes it look like the school is so far from their palatial pad? Lies.

It’s next door.

Unhyeongung – a small palace near Gyeongbokgung Palace. Mostly under restoration. That big building behind it? That’s the Goong palace!

Time for the cable car up to Namsan Tower! I was totally going to walk down from the tower to the base, but then I realized how stupid it was because I was so so exhausted by then.

Seoul from the skies!

You don’t have to just do love locks anymore. You can do LOVE BLOCKS!

Aw – I see you here too, Geunnie?!

No matter where you are, you can’t get away from the craziness of You’re Beautiful, eh?

Love Locks! Let me relive my Dr. Champ moments…

Stay tuned for an addendum to Day 2!

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5 thoughts on “Seoul Adventures: Day 2

  1. ahhhhhhhh thank you for the update…….thought you should know… hmmmmmmmm love your pics keep ’em coming pleazzzeee…

  2. OMG, I’m a latina orginally from NY, and I’m dying to go Korea next summer so I guess it’ll
    be useful to study my basic korean couse (available @ Barnes & Nobles), so at least I’ll be
    able to read and understand what is being said to me. I imagined that local food is much
    tastier than it is in NY, Las Vegas, CA or Orlando, where I’ve eaten it. OMG, I can feel my
    mouth salivating. Thanks!.

  3. Sounds like you hit all the highlights – the highlights being drama film sites, of course. Heh. ^_^

    Just out of curiosity, are you staying with someone or at a hostel or hotel?

  4. Wow, thanks yet again!
    If ever I’ll go to Seoul I’ll surely make it a point that I get to visit those traditional houses and villages. Shows so much of the Korean culture.
    Just wanna ask based on your experience, do you think that when you go to Korea you need to at least know basic Korean conversations? I mean, we know that they’re not so good in English. Or I could survive with just my English in my backpack, hehe.
    That school featured in Winter Sonata looks so European, IDK. But would love to get there.
    Thanks again!

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