Seoul Adventures Begins!

Hi everyone from Seoul!

Not sure if you all know this yet, but I am in Seoul for a week! A whole week! I arrived pretty late so I won’t be doing much sightseeing right now. (I’m all sore, stinky, physically tired but mentally alert. Not a good way to help get over jet lag…) I will be updating pics as often as I can – and perhaps still have a chance to catch up on some celeb news while I’m here! In just one commercial break I saw Hyun Bin, Kim Sun Ah, and Big Bang. Yeaah…

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4 thoughts on “Seoul Adventures Begins!

  1. OHHH ENJOY! What are you up to there, just vacationing? Whatever it is sounds awesome to be there – make the best of it! I heard (from my brother who lived there for a month last year) that Seoul itself is such an eclectic city that it really holds its own.

    Anyways, again – enjoy!! 😀 (and updating pictures/news/etc are always welcome!)

  2. Have fun …and don’t eat too spicy ! (don’t forget to take a picture in a “all for you shop” with JGW and KSY XD)

  3. Have fun and stay safe…1 week is enough for lots of celeb stalking I hope….keke..i kid…but if u do see someone, pics!!!!….pretty please!!

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