An Interview with Kim Ha Neul

Kim Ha Neul has always been an “It Star” – especially since she’s been in the industry for 13 years. However I feel like she’s in demand more than ever, and I’m sure her turn in “2 Days 1 Night” helped transform her image. To me, she does seem more approachable, and a lot more friendly than I thought she would be.

The interview centered mostly on her latest film “Blind,” (costarring with Yoo Seung Ho) where she plays a former police officer who loses her sister and her sight in one day after witnessing a murder. She found playing a blind person “unspeakably distressing” and a challenging role for her to tackle. It wasn’t so much as being the character that was difficult, but the fact that she had to play someone who couldn’t see. She prepared for her role two months prior by going to a school for the visually impaired and reading two books – one by a blind person and one a psychological textbook on blindness.

It took great practice for her to move around like a blind person. She moved around by covering her eyes and feeling her way to the set, but it would mean that her butt would jut out and her hands stretch out, which isn’t exactly how a blind person would walk all the time. After getting used to walking around “blindly,” she then had to practice on her eyes because blind people don’t usually control how or where their pupils move.

Nevertheless, she felt extremely proud of her effort and was satisfied with the end product. She described being proud of Road No. 1 as well, despite the drama not receiving strong ratings.

In regards to her image, Kim noted that she’s become more mellow. She usually had a great zest for promoting her work, but would then get exhausted and then irritable. She’s learned to control it now so that she wouldn’t be so angry or sensitive so often. Kim used to be seen as unapproachable and introverted, and so she takes great effort to be cheerful – especially on set. If the main actor is distant from the others, it might cause some tension, as a comfortable atmosphere between the crew and cast is important to the project’s success. That is why she makes great effort to make things comfortable for her fellow crew members so that no one is ever uneasy.

Han Ye Seul ought to take a page out of her book.

Kim Ha Neul then talks about her experience on “2 Days 1 Night.” I loved her on that episode, because she was so lovable and so real. She notes, “I’ve become much closer to the public thanks to that show. People have told me they’d want me to be their sister or would want to go on a trip with me.” She admits that what people saw on TV is only a part of her true personality, but the response towards her indicated to her that they must have had a very different perception of her.

Now that she’s in her 30s, Kim has reached a point in her life where she finds joy in the small things in life. She knows she hasn’t changed much in her acting, but she’s come to just be at peace with whatever life gives her.

She’s a totally zen and confident woman. I can’t wait to see Jang Geun Suk turn her life upside down in “You’re My Pet.”

source: asiae 1, 2



One thought on “An Interview with Kim Ha Neul

  1. I also became a fan after 1 NIght 2 Days! She always seemed like a star, but never really a REAL person. It was definitely a good choice on her part and her management’s to let her come out on 1 Night 2 Days. I would love to watch Blind, but I’m scared of scary, thriller movies lolol I’ll wait for You’re My Pet instead šŸ˜€

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