Eric and Han Ye Seul Make Peace

Han Ye Seul returned on set a mere 48 hours after she had left it and flew to the States. It goes without saying that the set must have been an awkward place to be. Her scenes with Eric Mun were initially awkward, and it didn’t help that Eric was wearing sunglasses so Han could not read any of his expressions.

Because of the busyness of the shooting schedule, Han opted to formally apologize to everyone one set during lunch. Her apology was deep and heartfelt as she apologized for the misunderstandings that occurred, and for not being able to handle the workload. It was only after this – which supposedly occurred with her kneeling on the ground – that everyone was able to talk and laugh at ease. Clearly from the “earlier in the day” pictures and the “after lunch” pictures, Eric is a happier person too.

A solemn apology is probably all the cast and crew really needed. There’s nothing else she can do, aside from finishing the darn series! I’m relieved this is all over, so perhaps everyone can stop reporting about this and move on to other star news!

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2 thoughts on “Eric and Han Ye Seul Make Peace

  1. thanks Kae for the pictures and updates 😀 I don’t know why the news itself was so addicting though it really didn’t do any parties any good. But I’m glad all ended on a positive note (though I really wish someone would address the live-shoot system – just cos it is what it is doesn’t mean improvements can’t be made).

  2. The real problem isn’t resolved ..but it’s a good news ! Thanks Kaede ! ^^
    I can’t wait to see lovey dovey scenes in the next episode (12)!!

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