Full House 2 with No Min Woo?

Full House 2 is a go!

The officials have stated that they’re going into production starting next month, and they’re starting to cast people. They’re looking into Noh Min Woo (Pasta, Midas, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho) for the lead. Nothing has been set in stone yet – as its the producers who want him.

The plot for Full House 2 is supposedly going to be very different from the original, save for the simple fact that it will revolve around a house, and perhaps a “forced living situation” that might lead to a contractual relationship?!

HRM. It’s certainly interesting as sequels are rare in the K-drama world. And Noh Min Woo to step in for Rain? I am indifferent to both actors, so I don’t think he’s going to make the drama worse or less depending on his casting.

source: asiae


6 thoughts on “Full House 2 with No Min Woo?

  1. Yeeeessss, I’m anxious to see NMW in a lead role, even if it is a Full House remake. Let’s just hope that the scriptwriter has learned something since then.

  2. I wasn’t too crazy about Full House when it was airing. I liked the beginning, but then it got so draggy I don’t think I ever finished the drama LOLOL Oh, and Rain’s long hair……….ewwww. I hope NMW doesn’t have the same hair as Rain :X I think I’ll keep an eye on this because I like NMW. He’s a very pretty shiny statue 🙂

  3. I loved Full House, I love No Min Woo – and not only because of the very pretty but more for his acting. Singing wise he is like Yamapi to me – nice voice hard work but just one song that I really like, while as actors I wonder at least once a day when I’ll see one of them in a drama – You have no idea how jumpy I was after Ashita no Joe or Ghastly – just to blacklist Ghastly coz not even NMW will make me watch a horror movie if it is not about vampires.

    But Full House and NMW in the same mix? Nop.I.Do.Not.Want. Why? because everyone will compare NMW with Rain and the next thing will see “NMW is taller than Bi, NMW is or not (depends how things will work) overacting more than Bi, NMW isn’t as muscular as Bi, NMW is skinny, BI is better, NMW is prettier and whatever things I don’t want to see

    I’ve read on allkpop some comms and of course everyone wants the original cast back – thing that’s not going to happen!! Not in Korea anytime soon

    The most important thing though is that since 2009 I didn’t see a drama that touches ppls heart – Those were BBF and Shining inheritance. More, ppl who made FH failed miserably lately:
    -one is FH’s PD – Hearstrings was pure and cute but it wasn’t desperate and stunning and had second leads that nobody cared about
    -second is the producer – his last 2 works Spy Myeong Wol and Marry Me Mary -2 flops in ratings and more Liar liar pants on fire – he lied HYS to get her on the project and look at the scandal now
    -the original writer – is he on this project?

  4. Its not like i dnt like no min woo..but i want him to star in a brand new drama..not somethng which is alrdy considrd a classic..the respnse wil be bad..nd boy!fullhouse was a huge success…obvsly ppl will compare him to rain..thats bad..they r two diff persnlties..so all i can think..change the damn title!if the story nd the cast r not same..whats the pnt???

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