Birdie Buddy: Episode 3

Somehow, with a few simple strokes, this drama got my heart racing.

So with the gauntlet thrown between Hae Ryung and Mi Soo, John explains the rules. He has dug up a hole in an old man’s farm a ways off from where they stand right now. With the golf clubs in hand, whoever gets to the one hole in least number of strokes wins.

Mi Soo has an 8 iron, her mother’s golf club, and while it’s not supposed to be strong enough to get through this huge fountain that’s an obstacle, her strong swing lets it fly high and far. Hae Ryung on the other hand only has a putter; that certainly can’t get through a fountain. So she skips her golf ball across the fountain water like a stone. Seriously – amazing.

Mi Soo is in the lead and flies her ball high and far over the farm’s wall and near the hole. To get over the wall with just a putter, Hae Ryung makes her ball go in crazy angles and hit the obstacles in its path to get near the hole. Mi Soo is like Rafael Nadal – forceful and skilled; Hae Ryung is more like Roger Federer – technical and skilled.

Hae Ryung manages to get it in the hole first, and Mi Soo must get her ball in in the next stroke or else she loses. This time, the 8 iron is to her disadvantage. She hits the ball lightly, but it’s much to light, and her ball stops just inches from the hole. Hae Ryung snidely notes that maybe it’s a good thing Mi Soo quit after all.

To vent her frustration, she goes off to the coal mine where her father once worked, and where he’s currently hanging with a friend. Her golf balls are making a racket as they clang off the machinery. Her father realizes that she really wants to play, and his plea for her to stop is only hurting her more.

The next morning, Mi Soo finds a new set of golf clubs and a letter from her father. Tae Gab is also home. Her father took his former supervisor’s offer and got a large advance for working on the seas. With the money, he settled with the victim’s family, bailed out Tae Gab, and got Mi Soo a new set of clubs. He regrets not being able to get a clarinet for his son, and is bitter that he can’t even provide for both his children.

Mi Soo starts running out of the house, chasing after a father who’s long gone. She cries that she will do her best, and promise to make it through the qualifying rounds.

And through a lucky draw she does. Mi Soo heads over to the qualifying match in Sae Hwa’s resort. Her family’s had to make a lot of sacrifices for her, and she’s not one to forget that. (For one, when she and her mother get stuck in the mud, her mother pushes from behind so that Mi Soo won’t lose her strength for the game later. Her mother’s clothes end up with splatters as well.) She’s not the only one, as she meets other contestants like old friends – all of whom are under similar pressures. For added luck, Mi Soo’s mom hilariously tries to give her good-luck/blessed undies to wear under her short-short-short golf skirt.

There’s also a lot of media frenzy for this first round of the qualifying match because Hae Ryung is in it. She attends a press conference that Sae Hwa arranged for her, and the reporters are most curious over why she would turn down a pro career in the Western world to be pro in Korea’s LPGA. She answers with her practiced, prepared replies. When they ask about her coach however, she points out John Lee in the crowd. Apparently, John Lee is Lee Jung Woo the Legend, a former pro player who injured his wrist and disappeared from golfing.

The reporters go craaaaaaazy and the attention swivels on him. Reporters literally hound after him – of which Mi Soo notes with mild interest – and it annoys Sae Hwa because now the attention is no longer on her daughter. That’s fine with Hae Ryung though. Later, when the reporters are gone, John Lee is happy to see “Steamed Bun” – his nickname for Mi Soo. She’s annoyed, mostly because he’s associated with Hae Ryung, but Hae Ryung finds it interesting that John is so obsessed with Mi Soo. In the meantime, Gong Sook, Joong Ki, and Tae Gab make their way to the resort to be part of Mi Soo’s cheering section in the clubhouse.

Mi Soo and Hae Ryung end up in the same group bracket with Mi Soo’s friends. Everyone tees off, and Mi Soo clearly makes the best first shot by going over 300 yards, even more than Hae Ryung. Both Mi Soo and Hae Ryung make a birdie in the first hole, and the competition is on!

Mi Soo focuses on herself and the game, noting Hae Ryung’s techniques. While Mi Soo managed two more birdies, she also got two bogeys, Hae Ryung has consistently hit on par for every hole after the first. The commentators are interested in the fact that Hae Ryung is being cautious and technically good, rather than sensational. They’re also surprised that Mi Soo is proving to be a big rival to Hae Ryung. John comes up to Hae Ryung at one point during the game and notes that Hae Ryung is purposely not playing her best. She’s just “fooling around” so to speak… and her mom ain’t happy.

On the last hole, Mi Soo’s shot ends up in a sand trap. She needs to get it out of the sand and into the hole to win a birdie and get first place – and a well placed shot gets it in. Hae Ryung’s turn – and though she’s very far from the hole, she putts it in perfectly. Birdie.

Hae Ryung and Mi Soo are tied.

Everyone in the village cheers – including her former teacher who boasts that he changed Mi Soo’s diapers. So what if she is tied with Hae Ryung? Her mother believes that a good start means a good finish. (Mi Soo has 2 more qualifying rounds to go.) Everyone around her thinks she’s been super lucky so far. John Lee congratulates her at the end but warns her not to play too foolishly. He seems to want to help her a lot more than he wants to help Hae Ryung.

That evening, Mi Soo and her mother go to a nearby house to stay for the night rather than going all the way back home. Over there, Tae Gab, Gong Sook and Joong Ki are there to surprise her with a huge feast and party. But instead of being happy about it, Mi Soo feels more burdened. She can still remember all too clearly the sacrifices her father and her mother have made – even Tae Gab – just so she can play golf. She doesn’t want to feel the pressures from the rest of the village, but rather just focus and play.

Her friends and brother all leave, and Mi Soo retires early to bed. Her mother massages her, and tells her that she believes Mi Soo will be the savior for their family. That’s a lot of pressure for one girl.

She falls asleep and dreams of herself teeing up. However, each time before she swings, it suddenly falls off. After the second time it falls off, a dark shadow overcomes her – it’s Hae Ryung.

Mi Soo wakes up with a start.

If you’re not going to watch this drama, I’d say watch the golf competition parts. For some reason, those scenes make me burst with anticipation. And golf is a boring sport for me. Like, really boring. But I’m so excited because Mi Soo’s luck can only last for so long…

Second – UEE is GOOD. Good for an idol (because I generally have little faith for singer idols turned actors) and good in this role. To think her previous role was You’re Beautiful and now this? She’s good. For the record – I like her way better than Han Ye Seul.


2 thoughts on “Birdie Buddy: Episode 3

  1. thank you for this…took some time before I was able to view this episode’s videos… I was totally hooked from the start… I love this drama and I don’t even understand the game nor am a fan of any of the leads!!! I am really surprised how I love this drama to bits… I like the story and the way it’s being told… the characters are well acted and it just gives me the right rush and heart… and as for UEE…i didn’t like her in YAB but here she definitely got my seal of approval… this girl can act way better than Han Ye Sul…hehehe

  2. uee is :)!!!!!!! I’m starting to like her as an actress…. (not that her acting was bad before… it was already good!!! )….. hope she can get together with John Lee!!! šŸ™‚ so cute….. šŸ™‚

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