Han Ye Seul to Be Replaced on Spy Myung Wol

What. The. Eff.

Again – I repeat that I don’t really like this drama. However, episode 10 ended on a promising note. So I’m kind of hoping for more closure on the Myung Wol – Kang Woo storyline here. I’d really like to see Han Ye Seul and Eric Mun go on their real dates and stuff, yunno? So even though I don’t like this drama, I’m damn disappointed by this outcome.

I’ve been reading a lot of articles and the actress-replacement-issue looks to be set in stone. However, there’s still some time left for Han Ye Seul to come back and smooth things over.

First off, she reportedly left for the States quite suddenly on the 15th. She went back to visit her parents in Los Angeles, and no return date has been set. The producers have announced that if she does not arrive on set by 12 noon on August 16, they will pursue legal action against her, suing her 10 billion Won for damages. How she’ll return in one day is beyond me, but her sudden departure has made many people on set quite frustrated.

I don’t blame them for suing her; no matter who’s in the wrong, she is effectively ruining this drama and taking away from it whatever potential it had, or will have, as it continues. The drama could even have been suspended without her, which is something no one wants. I also am not surprised her fellow cast and crew are frustrated; a lot of things are hinging on her, and they’re work has been stalled because of her.

So to make up for the missing episode, KBS aired a special that featured highlights from the series so far. After the broadcast, many viewers were pleading that she come back. I’m surprised at such the overwhelming positive attitude towards her rather than dissing her like nuts. Then again, I could be reading a bunch of biased reporting. But imagine if Lee Da Hae did this, everyone would be on her case and yelling at her – for example, when she complained about her role in East of Eden she got the reputation of being difficult and ungrateful. How do Koreans decide whether to vilify or sympathize with an actress? I mean, instinctively, I want to call her a bitchy diva for doing all this, but when I rethink it, I can understand where she’s coming from. The same goes for Lee Da Hae, whatever her drama troubles are. I guess the difference is that Lee makes direct statements, while Han doesn’t. Her “statements” come from Sidus, not her, and therefore no one really knows what she’s thinking.

An interview with the production company revealed that the relationship between Han and the PD Hwang In Hyuk (who previously did Sungkyunkwan Scandal) had deteriorated rather quickly in the past few days. Hwang had reportedly insulted her in some way. Though Han may have come off rude, the representative of the production company cited her American upbringing as a possible explanation for her actions and speech. The representative also corrected misconceptions that she missed a lot of shooting days for her CF shoots.

Han and Hwang’s relationship had gone sour since about a month ago, when she had first requested a change in PD. KBS responded by adding another PD in the hopes that it would appease her, but it still didn’t work. She had disagreements with the PD over the schedule and the poor shooting conditions (I’m guessing the long hours namely), and their fights also put Eric Mun in between them. The production company representative allegedly said that he thinks Hwang owns 80% of the blame, and Han has 20%. That’s a large percentage to place on Hwang, and clearly makes the problem the production of the drama and not the actress. But the representative also said that Han was committing acting suicide by doing all this.

Well, if her arguments lead to better shooting conditions, then I think she’s championing all actors in the Korean industry.

KBS has held an emergency meeting to make a drastic action: replace the actress. I don’t know how this is going to help the series. While I can imagine that they’ll use a stunt double and put her in a coma for a bit, I don’t know if it’s wise to replace the actress who’s so identified with the character. I mean what, did she get major plastic surgery or something? Are we going to do a Wife’s Temptation/Angel’s Temptation thing here?

Sometimes, I feel like the PD should be replaced, and sometimes I feel like Han should just suck it up and pick her battles elsewhere. This is quite a chaotic mess, but hey – this was bound to happen right? I mean, this is the result of live-shooting system.

I’m surprised PD Hwang didn’t get such complaints before. I heard that Sungkyunkwan actors worked tirelessly too, but they might have been more accepting of the situation because that’s usually the life on a drama shoot. Then again, maybe PD Hwang never had such a grudge on anyone until Han came along.

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9 thoughts on “Han Ye Seul to Be Replaced on Spy Myung Wol

  1. honestly, She is just an idiot. How is she going to savage her career after this! How could she possibly come back to shoot after this? Everyone on the set is mad at her. Imagine the tension.

    I feel so bad for Eric. His bad streak just keeps going. I thought things would be better after Poseidon. Poor thing.:( They should just cancel the drama and let everyone take a break. There’s no way to savage it now.It sucks anyway.

  2. now that you mention it kae, if she’s really trying to challenge the live-action system (which frankly, suck balls and doesn’t really do anyone – even drama quality – any good, methinks) – then I’m all up for her doing so and trying to. but up-and-left is not cool. that’s unprofessional and the poor cast and crew who are left behind in limbo right now. this is pretty crazy.

    • unfortunately i dont really get the feeling she did it to challenge the system

      but if it becomes a by product of her actions then its all well and good

  3. I always start from people are rational until. who knows what her until is, maybe she has a serious family or health emergency. artists are sensitive people, my sister once quit her job because her chef yelled too much and made her incapable of functioning. I told my sister in that instance that she should remember the chef in pasta and stick it out because many chefs are like that. this isn’t han ye seul’s first drama she should be used to whatever conditions are disagreeing with her so this must be an extreme circumstance.

  4. One word, unprofessional. I believe Eric was brought up in the states, so if he could adapt to the Korean lifestyle and accepted whatever it took to do this drama, nothing about HYS’s western upbringing would reflect well. Yoochun(SKK scandal’s lead) was also brought up in the states giving her no reason to have people making her upbringing a credible excuse to save her from shame. And I since the article from AKP is just a rumor, I’ll just ignore it at the moment. I really symphatise Eric for having to go through this drama for his comeback. Such a pity, It started out promising and was getting interesting enough for me to start being properly interested in the drama -.-” *sigh*
    Hopefully the lead’s replacement would be good enough to pique my interest again.

  5. I agree with your view as to why HYS is not getting as much negative responses as LDH did. She has not really spoken about her side and what she’s thinking. At the same time, she should not have stayed silent in this case because nothing good is happening. She definitely should not have fled to LA, and left the other cast and crew members so abruptly (well at all). However, this just makes me think there is so much more to this than what the media is spouting. I find it interesting that the production believes PD Hwang is 80% at fault. Furthermore, her own management company (SidusHQ) is not on her side. A part of me is glad she’s home with her parents because she must be going through a lot. Anyways, this is pretty much career suicide, so I think HYS must’ve had some really pressing reason. If only she would say something…….then again, at this point, would most people even listen?

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