More Trouble for Spy Myung Wol?

Spy Myung Wol isn’t the greatest drama in my book. After a few more episodes, I’ve officially tuned out. I check in every so often (skipping episodes) and definitely saw the last few minutes of episode 10’s cliffhanger. However, Han Ye Seul isn’t a gripping lead, and though the premise is zany, I feel like it’s trying too hard to be normal. If you’re going to go zany, go all the way. Might as well have fun with it. I feel like the Dramabeans recaps make it far more amusing than it really is (for me), so I’d rather just read the recaps than watch the episodes.

But now the drama has been given a short extension (two extra episodes – eep!). It’s also on a live-shooting schedule, so imagine the trouble when its lead actress decides to not show up on set.

Earlier this morning (in Korea time) Han Ye Seul had not shown up on set at her appointed time. She was supposed to be there at 7am, but as of 11am had failed to show. It’s problematic for the production because they only completed 40% of the shoot and required the leading lady. They ended up shooting without her, and word has it that she won’t show up for shooting tomorrow either. No word yet if episode 11 will be postponed due to all this.*

Her entertainment agency Sidus HQ came out with a statement (hours later) that Han was feeling ill – suffering from the after-effects of working all night up until 5am and then expected to be back on set at 7am. The scheduling issues have wreaked havoc on her health.

Nevertheless, Han has sparked the ire of many netizens, who think she’s become completely irresponsible. I don’t blame them; she hasn’t really shown any conciliatory attitude for her lateness and her schedule limitations. While you hear of other actors who get into accidents and then show up on set the next day, Han appears unapologetic for what she’s done. Whether she’s at fault or not, she doesn’t have very good PR people. On top of that, she’s filmed on many other dramas so she’s got to know that shooting a drama is a lot of work, and long hours. It requires a lot of dedication. Rumors have it that she doesn’t have a good relationship with the director

Han Ye Seul reportedly did inform the director that she would not be coming on set to film too. After all, she did say earlier that she had schedule limitations and that she was feeling unwell after an all night’s shoot. If this is true, then the production crew should have handled the scheduling better. To me, they seem very disorganized.

I’m not really taking sides here, because I think both sides are complete dolts. Han Ye Seul should know that making a drama is hard work, requires long hours, several IV drips, and is a team effort. If everyone else can be on time, then so should she; she should be prepared if others are too. Yes, it’s taxing on the health, but didn’t she know that from previous dramas already? As for the production team – they should have been better organized so that the shoot does not go over the time, and they should have been mindful about pushing their actors too much. (A two-hour break in between shoots is not enough.)

*Update: This week’s episode 11 will be canceled. A special will air in its place.

sources: star news, allkpop, soompi, dramabeans


4 thoughts on “More Trouble for Spy Myung Wol?

  1. in the previous dramas she didn’t have so many scenes including her… see her previous work and compare with this one

    after episode 4 SMW is made with HYS 60 mins on screen – so in their view if drama is a flop it is because the actress isn’t worthy or smth like that
    after episode 4 the crew started to yell why does she have a 5 days contract… so if they behave like that it would look weird if she wouldn’t fight back – however the bullied one is her and SidusHQ… OMG this isn’t the first time when they blew her PR – ppl don’t make your bread winner a victim nor a villain coz it will look bad… and the scandal is already huge

    btw Korea THIS is what I call it a scandal – not that X actor/idol dates Y actress/idol nor that LMH told something like : I love to date, I love girls and of course girls love me( he got into specifics with numbers : just one but I would bet one, 2 or more depends on the guy

    I love the show to bits and I like her heroine but I can see the wholes (huuuuuuuuugeeeeeee) in the plot /script and that they forget sometimes the main subplots: the North Korean Headquarters, the SoKor spies, the ancient book or Kang Woo’s back story- it is not a mystery if u launch the plot in episode 2 and until now u tell me zero things about it

    I love the wacky too

  2. I agree with you when you say it’s probably both sides that are at fault.

    Han Ye-seul seems to have some faulty PR reps that either can’t cover her ass well enough or who are just too disorganized to. This isn’t even her first scandal/public issue this year, so clearly something’s up. Maybe she’s just had a rough year. Still, the whole situation smells too fishy to say it’s not her fault at all.

    On the other hand, the production for “Myung-wol” has been butting heads with Han since almost the beginning. I understand that she may be being difficult, but it’s clearly unacceptable to be shooting until five in the morning with the next shoot scheduled at seven. I doubt it’s only Han Ye-seul who’s exhausted and feeling under the weather by this point.

    Regardless, this is all bad publicity for both the drama and Han Ye-seul. I wouldn’t be too terribly surprised if she has problems getting cast after this. That’s a shame, since I don’t think she’s a horrible actress. Not the best, by far, but not the worst either.

  3. I’m so sad because i really enjoyed SMW !!
    On screen, i can feel the chemistry between Eric and HYS…they looked so good together (Singapour date *_*) and some scenes were so hilarious (at the museum : Mona Lisa/HYS for example…XDDDD)
    But i can’t hate her because i still have a good feeling with her (specially Will It Snow for Christmas) ^-^

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